Kilraught’s Kracker Arts Festival

On Friday 25th March, Kilraughts YFC performed their Arts Festival “The Magic in Me” at Ballymoney High School for a place at the Gala. Kilraughts club members practised for many hours over a number of weeks.
Thomas and Mark McNeill in their costumes!Thomas and Mark McNeill in their costumes!
Thomas and Mark McNeill in their costumes!

Members were delighted that they secured a place at the Gala on Saturday, 16th April at the Millennium Forum in Londonderry. At the Gala Kilraughts were awarded Most Imaginative Theme, Best Musical Moment and ‘Most Outstanding performance’.

The club would like to thank their amazing producers - Cynthia Currie, David Dunlop, Hannah Kirkpatrick, Jackie McNeill and Rebecca Calderwood - for their time and effort in helping create this exciting performance. With the return of Arts Festival it was much anticipated, members were delighted to perform again at the Gala!

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