Lely Juno feed pusher 100% satisfaction guarantee

The Lely Juno can push feed 24/7 helping to increase intakes and performance.

Thursday, 15th July 2021, 9:35 am
Limited feed space on Andrew Knox’s farm Dungannon is overcome by the Lely Juno pushing feed up every hour
Limited feed space on Andrew Knox’s farm Dungannon is overcome by the Lely Juno pushing feed up every hour

It is especially beneficial for freshly calved cows, less dominant cows and heifers who typically visit the feed fence after the more dominant cows have finished. Farms with limited feed space and little time to push feed will see the biggest benefit.

For the average dairy farm in Northern Ireland the Lely Juno could pay for itself within a few years. Lely Center Eglish have a limited offer available now of ‘100% satisfaction guarantee’ t&c’s apply. Farmers who are interested in trying the Lely Juno robotic feed pusher with this offer should phone the office. Someone will then call out to look at the sheds and do a quick suitability assessment.

For more information and details of finance options from around £10 per day, call Lely Center Eglish on 02837548228.

Andrew Knox and his father milk 150 cows outside Dungannon. The 305-day herd average is 11,100 kg’s per cow with fat of 3.8 and protein of 3.20. They are milked through two Lely A4’s with out of parlour feeders, a Discovery slat scraper and Juno feed pusher completing the Lely line-up on the farm.

“The main benefits of the Lely Astronaut I’ve seen are, better cow performance and health and better human health. Feed efficiency has gone from 0.45 kg per litres of milk to 0.37 kg per litre of milk which is calculated to be worth around £25,000 per year, plus cow body condition is more even. We do make our own high-quality silage which is an essential part of achieving better feed efficiency. The robot management software has helped me to quickly identity efficient and inefficient cows to make culling and breeding decisions, my herd average was 9,000 kg’s now the herd’s doing 11,100 kg’s. The cows are much calmer and are less stressed, plus the heat detection system is very good, and fertility is much better, I’ve a predicted calving interval of 381 days. It’s been a total change in the way we farm and lifestyle for the better, I’ve more time for family and less pressure,” commented Andrew.

“We have limited feed space and before the Lely Juno was installed, we were pushing feed five or six times a day. It’s now set to push every hour except during feeding, it keeps the feed pushed up and tidier, it saves me about an hour a day,” concluded Andrew.