Mourne Blackfaced ewes selling to £1800 at Hilltown Mart

Thursday 25th February at Hilltown: Fat lambs sold to £137.50 for 25kg (550ppk).

Monday, 1st March 2021, 4:03 pm

Store lambs sold to £99 for 18kg (550ppk).

Fat ewes sold to £152 and Mourne Blackfaced ewes sold to £1800

Fat lambs: Castlewellan farmers-£137.50 for 25kg (550ppk), £130 for 25kg (520ppk), £117 for 21.5kg (544ppk). Annalong farmers-£137 for 26kg (518ppk), £124 for 23kg (536ppk). Ballyward farmer-£134.50 for 24kg (555ppk), £133.50 for 24kg (547ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£131 for 25kg (513ppk).Killowen farmer-£127 for 24kg (512ppk). Attical farmer-£126 for 22.5kg (555ppk). Rostrevor farmer-£123 for 21.5kg (566ppk). Dromore farmer-£120 for 23.5kg (508ppk). Rostrevor farmer-£115 for 22kg (522ppk). Banbridge farmer-£110 for 19.5kg (564ppk). Banbridge farmer-£108 for 25kg (432ppk).

Store lambs: Kilkeel farmer-£99 for 18kg (550ppk). Castlewellan farmer-£97 for 18kg (535ppk). Banbridge farmer-£88 for 16.5kg (539ppk). Rathfriland farmer-£87 for 16.5kg (537ppk), £85 for 17.5kg (485ppk).

Fat ewes: Castlewellan farmers-£152, £123. Newcastle farmer-£132. Kilkeel farmer-£117. Ballyward farmer-£110, £106. Rostrevor farmer-£105.

Mourne Blackfaced ewes: Hilltown farmer-£1800, £1200. Cabra farmer-£550.

Saturday 27th February at Hilltown

Fat cows: Kilkeel farmers-£1540 for 912kg (168ppk), £1030 for 748kg (137ppk). Rostrevor farmer-£1540 for 754kg (204ppk). Hilltown farmer-£1490 for 798kg (186ppk). Castlewellan farmer-£1280 for 840kg (152ppk). Hilltown farmer-£1200 for 608kg (197ppk), £1190 for 568kg (209ppk), £1180 for 824kg (143ppk). Ballyward farmer-£1150 for 654kg (175ppk). Rostrevor farmer-£1060 for 648kg (163ppk). Kilcoo farmer-£1040 for 692kg (150ppk).

Weanling heifers: Rostrevor farmer-£1130 for 510kg (221ppk), £1010 for 432kg (233ppk), £990 for 430kg (230ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£1110 for 346kg (320ppk), £780 for 300kg (260ppk), £640 for 258kg (248ppk). Hilltown farmer-£860 for 384kg (224ppk), £830 for 374kg (221ppk). Banbridge farmer-£750 for 250kg (300ppk). Annalong farmer-£720 for 270kg (266ppk). Mayobridge farmer-£700 for 260kg (260ppk).

Weanling males: Rostrevor farmer-£1100 for 512kg (214ppk). Mayobridge farmer-£1090 for 478kg (228ppk), £1040 for 470kg (221ppk), £960 for 380kg (252ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£1060 for 444kg (238ppk). Katesbridge farmer-£950 for 334kg (284ppk). Annalong farmer-£900 for 430kg (209ppk). Castlewellan farmer-£880 for 410kg (214ppk), £870 for 456kg (195ppk), £860 for 398kg (216ppk), £850 for 414kg (205ppk).

Heifers: Hilltown farmers-£1470 for 714kg (205ppk), £1350 for 582kg (232ppk), £1340 for 672kg (199ppk), £1100 for 548kg (200ppk), £1070 for 432kg (247ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£1300for 620kg (209ppk), £1290 for 586kg (220ppk), £1230 for 572kg (215ppk), £1140 for 544kg (209ppk), £1130 for 506kg (223ppk), £1120 for 482kg (232ppk). Kilcoo farmer-£1150 for 506kg (227ppk), £1110 for 528kg (200ppk). Rostrevor farmer-£1090 for 470kg (231ppk).

Bullocks: Hilltown farmers-£1670 for 804kg (207ppk), £1660 for 770kg (215ppk), £1600 for 694kg (230ppk), £1530 for 662kg (231ppk), £1460 for 648kg (225ppk), £1380 for 646kg (213ppk), £1310 for 638kg (205ppk), £1300 for 568kg (228ppk). Kilkeel farmer-£1670 for 806kg (207ppk), £1330 for 604kg (220ppk). Kilcoo farmer-£1530 for 662kg (231ppk), £1390 for 672kg (206ppk), £1380 for 646kg (213ppk), £1370 for 576kg (237ppk). Mayobridge farmer-£1460 for 648kg (225ppk), £1420 for 718kg (197ppk).