Registration open for Lely virtual open day

Farmers are invited to register for a virtual open day at Ultimo Farms from Coagh, on the 29th April at 7.30pm.

Tuesday, 27th April 2021, 7:47 am

Paul McAleece runs the Ultimo farm with his father Bertie and herds man Colin Givans, they milk the 360 cow herd through six Lely Astronaut A5 milking robots.

The farm also uses Discovery slat scrapers and Coxmix out of parlour feeders to improve hygiene and feed accuracy. Since changing from their old parlour to Lely Astronauts their average yield has increased from 9700 litres to near 11000 litres, using the six Lely Astronauts. The feed rate has also reduced slightly to 0.34-0.35kg per ltr. The event will feature pre-recorded footage from the farm with Paul and Colin plus interviews from Philip Abernethy, Parklands, David Mawhinney from Key Nutrition and Maurice Wylie, Farm Management Support LC Eglish. These will give an insight to how this has been achieved and will be followed by live Q&A’s. 

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David and Stephen Morrison run a 220 cow herd with help from contractors, the labour saving Lely Discovery slat scraper and Lely Juno feed pusher.

Since changing from their old parlour to Lely Astronauts their average yield has increased from 9,300 litres to near 12,000 litres, the farm is producing 2.4 million litres with two fulltime labour units using four Lely Astronauts.

The Maxwell family in Augher have seen their yield increase by over 30% and feed rate improved by 30% since moving from an old parlour to two Lely Astronaut A5’s.

The Telfords from Fintona are yielding 10,000 litres per cow on an indoor system run by Hazel Telford.

Damm Holsteins, Lisburn is run by David and George Simpson with 60 mixed lactation cows on the robot doing an average of over 40 litres per day.

The Fleming family at Potterswalls Jerseys herd are projected to hit 8,000 litres.

Mark Cunningham is getting over 10,000 litres from a grazing and zero grazing system in Aghadowey.

The Lely Astronaut can give more efficient use of time, better cow health and reproduction and increased milk yield. The latest version of the Lely Astronaut was launched in 2018. It represents a big leap forward in the evolution of robotic milking.

For more information call Lely Center Eglish on 02837548228.