Sarah and Shawnee were out on top

Saturday August 6 saw the penultimate leg of Hagans Crofts dressage league, all tests ridden on the day were Dressage Ireland tests and first on the schedule was an intro test.

Eleven competitors chose to trot down the centre line in front of judge Mark Robinson.

Shannon Magee and ‘Canary Row’ showed nice balance through turns and finished their test with a square halt and saluted to 75.59% - first place.

Second place went to Nicole Galbraith who has worked very hard over the past few weeks of the dressage league with her horse ‘HVL Lucky Strike’, achieving a score of 68.53%.

Shannon Magee, Canary Row

The newcomers class was next with five competitors turning down the centre line.

First time competing at this venue Zoe Daniel certainly made her mark riding ‘Pinnochio’, first with a score of 69.4% and taking home the red ribbon.

Danielle Connelly achieved second place with ‘Code Red Ruby’ with their score of 67.8%.

As always the prelim class was the largest class of the day, with a total of 12 competitors taking on the Dressage Ireland prelim P5A test.


Zoe Daniel, Pinnochio

Sarah McClay and ‘Shawnee’ have obviously been working hard on behind the scenes on their flatwork and saluted to a score of 76.96%, this was the highest score across the whole day and very well deserving of the red rosette and judges comments - ‘Lovely partnership, producing a super test.’

This week it was second for Anna McErlean and ‘Lexi’ with another great score of 74.11%.

The novice class was small in numbers but mighty in talent.


It was first for Clare Steele and her beautiful home bred mare ‘Jodie’ and second for Laura Fekkes and ‘Finn’.

Sarah McClay, Shawnee

Onto the elementary class where is was great to see a total of five competitors take on the challenge.

Admiration for those higher level tests ridden, with onlookers having something to aspire to.


It was a great day at the office for Clare Steele and ‘Jodie’ as they achieved their second red ribbon of the day, this time with a score of 72.76%.

Second place went to Rachel Rendle and ‘Meg’ who have been consistently place in the top 2 placing each week, this time for their score of 71.38%.

Clare Steele, Jodie

Hagans Croft would like to thank everyone who supported the forth leg of five week dressage league and thanks are extended to their judge on the day Mark Robinson and scribe Katie Rutherford and to their stewards for making the event run so smoothly.


To find out more about the league, contact Gillian on 07849 106453 or go to the website:

Dressage Results

Saturday August 6, 2022

Class 1:


INTRO: Dressage Ireland Intro B, 2017

1) Shannon Magee, Canary Row 75.59%; 2) Nicole Galbraith, HVL Lucky Strike 68.53%; 3) Angela Hutchinson, Knockahunna Oscar 65.88%; 4) Sharon Madine, Lear Lady 64.71%; 5) Bryony Boyd, Merino 64.71%; 6) Lauren Madine, Muckrim Linda 64.12%.

Class 2:

NEWCOMERS PRELIM: Dressage Ireland Prelim Test P4, 2016


1) Zoe Daniel, Pinnochio 69.4%; 2) Danielle Connolly, Code Red Ruby 67.8%; 3) Lauren Madine, Muckrim Linda 63.4%; 4) Angela Hutchinson, Knockahunna Oscar 62%; 5) Ellen Rooney, Lor Ruadh’s Ceallagh 60.6%.

Class 3:

PRELIM: Dressage Ireland Prelim Test P5A, 2021

1) Sarah McClay, Shawnee 76.96%; 2) Anna McErlean, Lexi 74.11%; 3) Anna McErlean, Roo 72.14%; 4) Shannon Magee, Rostrevor Ard RÃ- 68.75%; 5) Megan Leigh, Touch Of Quality 65.89%; 6) Katie Burns, Fuerty Failte Lad 64.64%.


Class 4:

NOVICE: Dressage Ireland Novice Test N26, 2012

1) Clare Steele, Jodie 71.03%; 2) Laura Fekkes, Finn 66.9%; 3) Katie Watson, Lissyegan Bay News 63.97%.

Class 5:


ELEMENTARY: Dressage Ireland Elementary Test E50, 2013

1) Clare Steele, Jodie 72.76%; 2) Rachel Rendle, Meg 71.38%; 3) Lisa Allen, Barbie 67.59%; 4) Katie Watson, Lissyegan Bay News 67.41%; 5) Laura Fekkes, Finn 65%.