Sharp trade for sheep at Armoy

Fat lambs sold to £119 last Wednesday night at Armoy and Fat Ewes to £150 in a very sharp trade with buyers eager for stock. Many more lambs could have been sold at good prices.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 12:58 pm
Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart


LAMBS: John J McDonnell, Cushendall, 25kgs £119. Michael Mooney, Cloughmills, 25kgs £117.50. Samuel Ramage, Bushmills 23kgs £117.50. John A McKillop, Cushendall, 24kgs £117. Andrew McGarry, Ballycastle, 24kgs £117. Pat McAtamney, Ballymoney, 25kgs £117. SJ & DJ Currie, Mosside, 25kgs £117. Pat McErlain, Armoy, 24kgs £117. Philip McNicholl, Garvagh, 24kgs £117. Peter Thompson, Bushmills, 23kgs £117. John McLaughlin, Bushmills, 24kgs £117. G Bradley, Armoy, 24kgs £117. Jas Reilly, Ballycastle, 24kgs £117. Colm McHenry, Ballycastle, 22kgs £111. A & D Glass, Ballycastle, 23kgs £115.50. Pat Dowds, Glarryford, 23kgs £113.50. Jas Stevenson, Armoy, 23kgs £116. Galbraith Farms, Coleraine, 22kgs £113. F Daly, Cushendall, 23kgs £117. Bushmills Farmer, 23 ½kgs £115. Kieran McKay, Cushendun, 22kgs £110. Sam Johnston, Bushmills, 25kgs £116. J & A Nelson, Randalstown, 22kgs £111. John McGill, Ballyvoy, 22kgs £110. John O’Kane, Cushendall, 22kgs £110. Paddy McSparran, Cushendun, 22kgs £109. Jas Pinkerton, Rasharkin, 25kgs £116. Eamon McKeegan, Cushendall, 22kgs £110. Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, 23kgs £114. Edward Jamison, Coleraine, 22kgs £109. V Laverty, Ballycastle, 21kgs £108.50. AEJ Devlin, Limavady, 24kgs £116. David Thompson, Bushmills, 21kgs £105.50. Neil McClure, Ballymoney, 22kgs £110.

LIGHT LAMBS: B Mullan, Ballymoney, 18kgs £91.00. Seamus McNeill, Cushendun, 20kgs £98.00. Wm J McKeeman, Bushmills, 20kgs £84.00. J & J Ferguson, Bushmills, 29kgs £99.00. Alistair McKay, Cushendun, 13kgs £70.00. Emmet McAllister, Glenariffe, 18kgs £91.00. WJ McKeeman, Bushmills, 15kgs £84.00. A & SP McCarry, Loughguile, 11kgs £72.00. Ben Porter, Ballymoney, 20kgs £95.00.

FAT EWES: N McClure, Ballymoney, Tex, £150. Brian McAuley, Bushmills, Tex, £135. Sean McGill, Ballyvoy, Tex, £134. SJ & DJ Currie, Mosside, Tex, £126. Sam Gardner, Stranocum, Tex, £123. Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, Suff, £123. Brian Marcus McAuley, Bushmills, Suff, £128. Galbriath Farms, Coleraine, Tex, £130. N Morris, Ballymoney, Suff, £122. B Mullan, Ballymoney, Tex, £130. Martin Gillan, Ballyvoy, Tex, £123. David Anderson, Bushmills, Suff, £120. Jas Stevenson, Armoy, Tex, £126. P N Montague, Glenariffe, Tex, £127. A & M McKeegan, Glenarm, c/b’s, £128. Galbraith Farms, Coleraine, Suff, £128. Robt Wilkinson, Stranocum, Suff, £107. Norman Kyle, Bushmills, Suff, £112. J & J Ferguson, Bushmills, Dorset, £114. T & N McCracken, Mosside, Tex £117. John A McKillop, Cushendall, Tex, £114. J Stevenson, Armoy, Tex, £122. E McAlister, Glenariffe, Suff, £117. Wm Graham, Bushmills, c/b’s £102. N McClure, Ballymoney, Dorsets, £133.

Sale as usual next Wednesday 14th July 2021

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Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister & Son