Showjumping returns to Ecclesville Centre

The team at Ecclesville were delighted to see the return of competitive showjumping to the Centre in Fintona on Sunday 23 May.

Wednesday, 26th May 2021, 10:00 am

Nigel Jess, International Course Builder provided challenging courses and these resulted in very competitive jump-offs.

The most exciting class of the day was the hotly contested 148 Open Class sponsored by Malcolm Keys.

With eleven talented riders taking on the course it was local girl, Lucy McCann riding Misty who claimed the red ribbon.


Newcomer Pony 40cm Class

1st= Rosie Clarke and Benjamin Button; Amy Loughran and Rockstar; Louie O’Keefe and Winnie the Pooh; Lola Gallagher and Tucker; Alex Kavanagh and Spencer; Ella-Jane Johnston and Archie

Newcomer Pony 50cm Class

1st= Bobby O’Keefe and Lady Julia Keeper; Alex Kavanagh and Spencer; Isobelle Abernethy and Cherry; Jack Smith and Latsie Sunday; Alicia Kee and Little Henrietta; Sophie Johnston and Johnny; Sophie Johnston and Archie; Molly Keys and Hillbilly Boy

128 Novice

1st= Bobby O’Keefe and Lady Julia Keeper; Alicia Kee and Little Henrietta; Tess Wallace and Elvis; Imogen Heap and Blaze; Sophie Johnston and Speedy

128 Open – Sponsored by Michael Garrity

1st Tess Wallace and Elvis; 2nd Sophie Johnston and Speedy; 3rd Alicia Kee and Little Henrietta; 4th Cara Garrity and Thistledown Royal Academy

138 Novice

1st= Leah Kee and Jessie J; Ella Cashel and Candy Crush; Molly Keys and Hillbilly Boy

138 Open

1st Emma Bratton and Twitch; 2nd Leah Kee and Jessie J; 3rd Ella Cashel and Candy Crush

148 Novice

1st = Rebecca-Jane Woods and Billy the Kid; Nicole Lyons and Camowen Bullet; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Echo; Lucie- Anne Abbott and Bobby

148 Open sponsored by Malcolm Keys

1st Lucy McCann and Misty; 2nd Jodie Spence and Stella; 3rd Amy McLaughlin and Rua; 4th Rebecca-Jane Woods and Billy the Kid; 5th Shauna Murray and Ritz; Tiana-Grace Abbott and Echo

Newcomer Horse Class

1st= Katie Hyndman and Randol; Grace Tunney and Poppy

Novice Horse Class

1st = Katie Hyndman and Randol; Gemma Loughlin and Chloe; Jane Keys and Doncastle Cruiser; Lauren Hermans and Mr Milo; Carly Breydin and Alaska; Katie Long and Alistair; Chloe Watson and Paint the Town Gold

Open Horse Class sponsored by Sean Gormley Catering

1st Millie Spence and Jamie; 2nd Katie Long and Alistair; 3rd Shauneen Gallagher and Liz; 4th Eric Smith and Thyme; 5th Carly Breydin and Alaska; 6th Harvey Smith and Cruise