Steers selling to a top price of £1,820 for 790kgs at Armoy Mart

A fine show of 120 cattle on Monday night saw steers sell to a top price of £1,820 for 790kgs Charolais from SJ and DJ Currie, Mosside.
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Heifers sold to £1,230 for a 440kgs Charolais for Mr Seamus McDonnell, Ballyvoy.

Fat cows sold to £1,420 paid for a 700kgs Limousin cow from Mr Robert McHenry, Ballycastle.

Leading prices

Armoy Mart Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart


SJ and DJ Currie, Mosside, Charolais, 790kgs £1,820, 730kgs £1,720, 710kgs £1,600. Sean McGarry, Loughguile, Aberdeen Angus, 580kgs £1,460. George Baker, Armoy, Aberdeen Angus, 540kgs £1,300, 570kgs £1,410, 550kgs £1,370, 550kgs £1,360, 500kg s£1,240, 520kgs £1,210. Seamus McDonnell, Ballyvoy, Charolais, 390kgs £1,240, 400kgs £1,170, 370kgs £1,150. George Rea, Finvoy, Charolais, 520kgs £1,200, 505kgs £1,180, 600kgs £1,540, 530kgs £1,280, 420kgs £1,080, 480kgs £1,130, 360kgs £990. Patrick McKendry, Glenbush, Charolais, 400kgs £1,090, 420kgs £1,080, 400kgs £1,150, 300kgs £860. Pat McKay, Martinstown, Fres, 480kgs £1,020, 550kgs £1,210, 530kgs £1,110, 560kgs £1,140, 490kgs £1,030, 510kgs £1,110. John Boyle, Ballymoney, Aberdeen Angus, 550kgs £1,230, 520kgs £1,190, Holstein, 600kgs £1,210. Jas McAuley, Bushmills, Holstein, 570kgs £1,160, 560kgs £1,220. Kev Robinson, Glenarm, Belgian Blue, 300kgs £800. John McConaghy, Kilraughts, Aberdeen Angus, 360kgs £800, 390kgs £910, 420kgs £950, 450kgs £1,100, 380kgs £880. WJ and G Henry Armoy, Limousin, 400kgs £880.


Seamus McDonnell, Ballyvoy, Charolais, 405kgs £1,230, 400kgs £980, 420kgs £1,060. G A Rea, Finvoy, Aberdeen Angus, 540kgs £1,220, 450kgs £940, 400kgs £900, 410kgs £900. Pat McKendry, Glenbush, Charolais, 290kgs £680, 370kgs £990.

Fat cows

R McHenry, Torr, Limousin, 705kgs £1,420.

Sale every Monday night at 6.30pm.

A small show of sheep last Wednesday night met with a very sharp trade.

Lambs sold to £127.

Fat ewes to £155.

Leading prices


Trevor Butler, Ballyvoy, 24kgs £127. Robert Sinclair, Bushmills, 24kgs £127. G Millan, Coleraine, 22kgs £122. Archie Linnegan, Bushmills, 22kgs £121. William Knowles, Cloughmills, 22kgs £120. Vincent McHenry, Ballycastle, 21.5kgs £120. Frank McKendry, Cloughmills, 22kgs £122. Ed Jamison, Coleraine, 22kgs £120. Jas McCaughan, Armoy, 21kgs £116. Ian McCaw, Bushmills, 21kgs £118.50. William McLaughlin, Dunloy, 22kgs £118.

Fat ewes

D Gillan, Armoy, Charolais, £155. A Linnegan, Bushmills, Suffolk, £140. Jas McAuley, Bushmills, Texel, £140. Chris McNaughton, Loughguile, Texel, £139. William Knowles, Cloughmills, Texel, £135.

Sale every Wednesday night at 7.00pm.

Watch live and bid with mart eye.

Auctioneers: Armoy Livestock Mart Ltd.