Store bullocks making 302ppk and store heifers to 323ppk at Lisahally Mart

A sharp trade this Wednesday evening with store bullocks making 302ppk and store heifers 323ppk.
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J Flanagan £1820/670kg £1770/610kg £1560/540kg K Cunningham £1740/630kg £1550/570kg £1520/620kg £1460/590kg £1400/600kg S Dunlop £1730/640kg R Blackburn £1630/650kg £1520/660kg £1380/560kg £1360/550kg P McDermott £1610/560kg £1550/530kg £1530/510kg £1510/500kg £1470/550kg £1460/500kg £1450/550kg £1450/520kg £1430/490kg £1410/530kg £1410/550kg £1400/540kg £1400/520kg £1360/490kg £1290/500kg £1290/470kg £1230/430kg W Matthews £1570/640kg £1520/650kg £1500/660kg £1450/600kg £1440/620kg £1380/570kg £1290/560kg £1220/550kg R McNeill £1210/490kg £1190/470kg £1100/420kg £1070/430kg £980/390kg and W Young £1110/480kg £1010/380kg.


Lisahally martLisahally mart
Lisahally mart

S Dunlop £1720/560kg G Robinson £1550/550kg £1510/540kg £1470/510kg £1450/520kg J McNally £1480/550kg £1410/520kg £1360/490kg K Rodgers £1340/510kg £1260/450kg £1210/420kg J Flanagan £1270/490kg £1060/420kg T Kelly £1140/460kg £1110/420kg £1060/400kg £1050/410kg £1010/360kg R McNeill £1090/450kg W Bond £990/390kg £900/350kg £810/340kg R Spence £840/350kg and W Kennedy £810/290kg.

Fat cows

Meadowbank Farms £2230/830kg W Patterson £1826/830kg S Dunlop £1642/690kg W Patterson £1575/630kg D Nelson £1317/740kg W Dickson £1216/640kg £1019/560kg and R Hamilton £1160/510kg £1130/530kg £1050/450kg.


Trade was high in Lisahally this week with fat ewes topping at £184.

Fat lambs

P McNamee £169/28kg £158/26.5kg P Anderson £165/30kg £160/27kg S Robinson £158.50/26.5kg J Cuthbert £157/31kg P Brolly £155/25kg £153/25.5kg D Martin £154/26kg £152/27kg £152/26.5kg £150.50/26kg J Brolly £152/23.5kg £151/26kg I Young £152/27.5kg W McMurray £150.50/25kg R Clarke £150/24.5kg £150/25kg K Robinson £150/26.5kg D DEvine £149/25kg S Parkhill £149/25.5kg £135/23.5kg S Haslett £148/24kg D McCollum £147/27kg P O'Connor £147/23.5kg Ballinacross Fram £146/24kg J Brolly £145/23.5kg T Hamilton £145/25kg B O'Neill £139/23.5kg G Magee £135/24kg O Allen £134/22.5kg J Cuthbert £131.50/22.5kg and S Robinson £130/22.5kg.

Fat ewes

S Smyton £184 £176 P McArthur £172 £164 D McCollum £162 J Magee £160 G Robinson £156 £148 £139 J Cuthbert £144 S Haslett £138 R Gurney £138 D Poston £136 W McMurray £132 G McDaid £130 J Magee £130 and J Dodds £128.