Store bullocks selling to 360ppk and heifers to 354ppk at Draperstown Mart

Packed ringside and a full yard of quality stock on Friday in Draperstown with store bullocks selling to 360ppk and heifers 354ppk.
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J Rodgers £2000/860kg £2000/850kg £1700/710kg £1370/570kg OKI Developments £1800/650kg £1800/630kg £1800/650kg £1790/620kg £1780/670kg £1760/630kg R Biggar £1570/500kg £1530/540kg £1510/500kg £1450/430kg £1450/480kg £1430/470kg £1380/420kg £1330/460kg £1210/380kg R McCullagh £1520/490kg £1500/450kg £1390/450kg £1370/400kg £1190/330kg £1190/360kg £1180/360kg £1180/340kg £1140/370kg P McNally £1500/450kg £1280/380kg £1200/400kg W Glasgow £1460/420kg £1190/400kg B O'Neill £1270/420kg £1160/340kg A Caldwell £1250/430kg £1190/390kg and F McVey £1180/350kg £1150/350kg £1140/360kg.


Draperstown MartDraperstown Mart
Draperstown Mart

G McMillin £1530/510kg £1490/520kg £1470/500kg £1440/430kg £1420/510kg £1420/520kg £1390/450kg £1200/440kg £1050/450kg £1000/420kg J McFadden £1490/530kg £1460/500kg £1440/540kg £1430/540kg £1410/490kg B O'Neill £1240/350kg £1200/360kg £1100/340kg M Loughran £1210/360kg D McMaster £1170/440kg £1110/530kg £1020/460kg £1000/470kg H Armstrong £1150/430kg £1130/420kg £1090/410kg £1060/380kg and W Glasgow £1010/310kg £950/310kg.


B McCullagh £2080 £2040 £1880 £1860 £1820 £1800 £1800 £1800 £1660 £1620 £1620 £1620 £1560 £1520 £1520 and £1500.

Fat cows

S Grant £2154/810kg M Burke £2147/910kg £2064/860kg £1896/870kg £1632/850kg W Kealey £1965/780kg £1834/660kg P Fullen £1760/710kg £1497/720kg A McMillin £1680/670kg £1590/590kg G McGorry £1495/650kg J Wilson £1456/700kg P McNally £1426/620kg K McCullagh £1380/580kg J Wilson £1379/570kg P Conwell £1326/620kg J Murphy £1288/560kg and J Lowe £1220/560kg.

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