Store bullocks selling to £1210 for 560kg at Lisahally Mart

A smaller entry this week sold to a mighty trade.

Prices as follows:

Store bullocks

H Nutt £1210/560kg, £900/450kg, G Feeny £1150/590kg, £1070/560kg, J McClelland £1110/500kg, £1110/530kg, £1060/450kg, J Young £1110/470kg, £1040/440kg, £990/430kg, £930/420kg, J Young £1100/450kgGlenfern Farm £1080/510kg, £1050/460kg, £1050/470kg, H Lynn £960/490kg, £890/480kg, £860/440kg, R Goligher £650/380kg, £540/310kg, £500/310kg, T Traynor £600/330kg, £510/280kg and K McGee £480/310kg.

Store heifers

E Christie £1200/560kg, £1020/510kg, J McClelland £1080/480kg, £1060/440kg, £1000/460kg, £970/440kg, £950/470kg, Glenfern Farm £1030/480kg, £1000/480kg, £970/440kg, Hawthorn Heights Farms £1020/480kg, H Nutt £1010/440kg, £1010/420kg,G Feeny £990/500kg, £980/450kg, H Donaghy £839.50/730kg, K McGee £680/330kg, £650/360kg, £600/370kg, £570/360kg, C Killen £670/380kg, £650/330kg, £590/280kg, £560/290kg, £520/290kg, R Goiligher £620/360kg, £600/350kg, £540/530kg and T Traynor £530/250kg.

Cows and calves

H Snodgrass £1390, £1230.

Fat cows

T Conway £998.30/670kg, £879.10/570kg, T McCracken £908.80/640kg, £630/500kg, R Goiligher £889.20/570kg, £672/480kg, £652.50/450kg, H Kelly £752/470kg, J McClelland £614.80/580kg and H Kelly £373.10/410kg.

Fat bulls

G Hamilton £1600/860kg, £1480/750kg, £1360/690kg, L Blair £1350/670kg, £1300/620kg, P McShane £1240/620kg, G Cassidy £911.20/670kg and R Goligher £795.60/680kg.