Store bullocks selling to £2130 for 780kg at Lisahally Mart

A powerful trade this Wednesday night with store bullocks making £2130/780kg and topping 304ppk (£1490/490kg).
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Heifers making £1700/640kg while topping 293ppk (£1410/480kg) and fat cows selling to £2176/780kg.


M Thompson £2130/780kg £2120/730kg £2000/700kg £1970/700kg £1810/660kg £1720/590kg £1710/640kg £1690/620kg £1680/590kg £1620/560kg £1220/410kg D Wade £2030/690kg £1930/780kg £1880/680kg £1650/630kg R Barnett £1940/700kg £1910/670kg £1870/680kg £1830/670kg £1760/670kg £1750/680kg £1750/650kg £1730/660kg £1710/640kg £1690/570kg A Hamilton £1720/650kg £1500/710kg £1390/630kg T McCracken £1700/590kg £1630/580kg £1490/560kg £1490/490kg £1360/490kg £1040/380kg J Foster £1580/620kg £1500/580kg £1370/550kg £1320/550kg £1300/550kg £1280/520kg J Dodds £1240/580kg £1170/540kg £1070/500kg S O'Neill £1140/410kg £1090/420kg and R Deery £970/390kg £910/370kg.

Lisahally MartLisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart


T McCracken £1700/640kg £1480/570kg £1350/560kg W Bond £1580/610kg £1440/610kg £1400/590kg £1320/560kg £1130/500kg £1120/480kg J Foster £1470/620kg £1390/580kg £1170/520kg £1100/490kg J Young £1410/480kg £1170/490kg £1160/490kg £1160/480kg M Thompson 31380/480kg £1300/460kg £1190/440kg £1170/400kg J and R Young £1310/530kg £1180/510kg £1040/460kg £1010/430kg G Hamilton £1230/580kg £1170/530kg £1130/510kg J McGuinness £1200/440kg S O'Neill £1190/430kg £1080/410kg J Beattie £1180/520kg £1120/520kg £1120/490kg £1110/520kg £1090/490kg £1090/470kg £1050/470kg R Maxwell £1080/490kg £1040/460kg £960/400kg £940/400kg and W Bond £950/440kg £930/400kg.

Fat cows

M and W Lyons £2176/780kg £1830/880kg £1663/770 R Killen £1428/680kg M Thompson £1305/640kg £1127/490kg £1122/570kg and O McDevitt £1207/610kg £1160/530kg.

A firm trade this week with fat lambs selling to £127/25.5kg and fat ewes £153.


J Connolly £127/25.5kg D Devenney £126/26.5kg M McNicholl £126/28kg I thompson £125/27.5kg L Devine £122/25kg £114.50/22.5kg W Douglas £122/25kg R Lowry £121.50/25kg G Harkin £121/25kg L Gormley £120/24kg N O'Brien £120/25kg R Clarke £120/25kg J Logue £118/23.5kg £114.50/23kg M O'Hara £117.50/24kg J Curry £113/22kg R Lowry £112/22kg J Connolly £110/21.5kg S Parkhill £108.5/22kg £107.50/21.5kg and W Douglas £105.50/20.5kg.


J Conn £153 £127 G Neely £148 N Donaghy £145 £137 £130 £126 £121 W Douglas £139 F O'Kane £132 F Ferguson £130 £126 T Connolly £125 £121 and W Henderson £120 £114.