Store cattle selling to £1700 for 550kg at Lisahally Mart

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A fantastic show of cattle at Lisahally with store cattle selling to 309ppk (£1700/550kg) and weanlings 355ppk (£1210/340kg).


R Barnett £1840/650kg £1720/660kg £1690/610kg £1690/630kg £1690/610kg £1670/620kg £1670/650kg £1600/590kg £1600/580kg £1600/570kg £1580/570kg £1510/560kg S McAleer £1620/630kg £1460/560kg £1450/600kg £1220/510kg M Curry £1490/530kg £1310/430kg £1190/480kg £1090/410kg C Barr £1190/400kg £1060/370kg and L Barr £1080/420kg £970/390kg £970/400kg £970/390kg £960/380kg £890/370kg £870/370kg £850/360kg.


Lisahally MartLisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

A Buchanan £1900/670kg £1900/670kg £1740/600kg £1700/550kg £1680/570kg £1590/520kg £1560/570kg S McAleer £1570/610kg £1570/590kg £1520/670kg £1500/630kg £1440/600kg £1260/520kg £1190/500kg R Houston £1510/560kg £1480/570kg £1460/580kg £1430/600kg £1390/580kg £1360/510kg £1280/550kg £1240/530kg £1210/520kg G Donnelly £1500/640kg £1340/490kg and F McAleer £1500/550kg £1400/550kg £1350/500kg £1290/510kg £1210/490kg.

Male weanlings

RJ Black £1280/500kg £1190/460kg M Curry £1180/340kg £1100/390kg £1080/370kg £1080/350kg £1030/380kg £1000/310kg £990/320kg £980/330kg RP McLaughlin £1100/370kg £990/320kg £960/340kg £850/310kg N Neely £1090/400kg £1000/360kg £980/370kg £960/370kg M Whiteside £1020/290kg and R Deery £910/330kg £900/330kg £800/310kg.

Female weanlings

N Neely £1210/340kg £1200/400kg £1010/350kg £930/410kg M Curry £1190/370kg £1100/370kg £990/330kg £890/390kg RJ Black £1050/370kg J Duffy £950/330kg £920/340kg £900/360kg £880/350kg £840/320kg £820/370kg £780/310kg M Whiteside £870/270kg £860/300kg £840/280kg and C Watson £750/300kg £750/300kg.

Fat cows

M Lyons £1786/760kg D Smyth £1565/760kg O McDevitt £1426/620kg £1413/670kg J Logue £1293/660kg and T McShane £1250/560kg.

A flying trade with fat lambs making £145/24kg, spring lambs £143/21.5kg and fat ewes £200.


R Hancock £145/24kg R Deery £144.50/29kg £140/26kg £130/23.5kg O McDevitt £143.50/22kg R Millen £143/21.5kg M Falls £140/25kg H McCollum £140/33kg B McAteer £140/22.5kg K Bradley £139/22.5kg S Cassidy £136.50/22.5kg £119/20.5kg S Dunlop £136.50/21.5kg £126/23.5kg J Proctor £135/30kg £119/22.5kg M Blair £130/23.5kg £113/21kg S Haslett £129/22.5kg £110/19.5kg J O'Hara £126/22.5kg J Connolly £125/21.5kg and H Barbour £113/21kg.


S Dunlop £200 R Waugh £182 £158 £129 V Hamilton £165 £148 £132 J Connolly £150 H McCollum £148 £118 L O'Donnell £145 £136 R Hancock £143 J Henderson £130 J Murray £126 A McKinley £120 G Crockett £120 £120 J Henderson £110 and J Proctor £110.