Store cattle selling to £1780 for 630kg at Lisahally Mart

A smashing trade on Wednesday night with store cattle selling to £1780/630kg (282ppk).

Weanlings selling to £1330/450kg (295ppk) topping at 377ppk (£1020/270kg).


K Ferris £1780/630kg £1760/610kg £1720/600kg £1630/580kg J Thompson £1510/570kg A Mclaughlin £1440/540kg £1320/450kg £1320/480kg £1320/480kg £1270/460kg £1190/440kg R McCrea £1350/640kg £1230/620kg £1230/600kg £1220/600kg and G Martin £1160/420kg £1150/400kg £1080/400kg £1060/400kg £1060/460kg £1050/380kg £1050/430kg £1030/390kg £1020/390kg £1020/430kg £1000/360kg £1000/420kg £950/360kg £930/370kg £880/350kg £860/340kg.

Lisahally MartLisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart


J Proctor £1900/700kg £1880/620kg £1710/590kg £1640/670kg R Houston £1650/580kg £1650/600kg £1610/530kg £1570/580kg £1560/600kg £1520/560kg £1470/560kg £1460/500kg £1430/510kg £1430/500kg £1380/520kg £1330/490kg £1310/480kg £1300/450kg £1150/460kg R McElrea £1440/580kg £1310/540kg J Thompson £1420/510kg £1340/490kg £1260/450kg £1150/450kg S Galbraith £1370/530kg £1200/420kg £1170/420kg £1080/440kg J Young £1270/490kg £1170/470kg £1120/460kg and K King £930/390kg £910/330kg.


A Dunlop £1330/450kg £1230/390kg £1150/430kg B Dooher £1250/450kg £1210/410kg £1120/470kg £1030/380kg J Corbett £1080/470kg £1040/450kg £1040/430kg £970/410kg £970/380kg £960/420kg £960/400kg S Dunlop £1060/350kg £1050/370kg £980/290kg W Wilson £1060/330kg £1040/290kg £1020/270kg £1000/300kg £980/310kg £920/260kg £860/260kg and F Cooke £1040/420kg £1000/340kg £960/340kg £940/320kg.

Fat cows

D McLaughlin £2207/990kg M McCracken £1813/740kg £1580/600kg R Snodgrass £1550/760kg B Dooher £1543/680kg A McLaughlin £1543/630kg and D Crosbie £1326/670kg.


J Blair £1620 £1600 £1510 £1490 £1330 £1260 and J Dodds £1220 £1210.