Store heifers selling to £1470 for 690kg at Lisahally Mart

Superb trade of cattle at Lisahally with store bullocks selling to £1380/660kg.

Store bulls selling to £1090/550kg and store heifers selling to £1470/690kg.

Cows and calves selling to £1440, fat cows selling to £1152.90/610kg and fat bulls selling to £1200/570kg.

Store bullocks

J Donnell £1380/660kg, £1360/610kg, K Laughlin £1250/560kg, £1130/530kg, £1110/500kg, £1060/500kg, M McCanney £1250/640kg, £1180/520kg, J McDevitt £1220/640kg, £1180/650kg, £1070/580kg, £1070/470kg, J Cairns £1150/500kg, £1050/520kg, £1050/520kg, £1030/510kg, R Blair £1130/550kg, £1080/630kg, £1070/620kg, £1030/600kg, £1000/590kg, £1000/600kg, £990/540kg, D Young £1110/460kg, £1100/500kg, J Cairns £1080/460kg, £1050/530kg, J Dodds £1020/610kg, £1010/590kg, J Lowry £1020/620kg, £1000/580kg, W Neely £1000/500kg and M Rodgers £1000/490kg. D Young £1090/550kg.

Store heifers

P McShane £1470/690kg, £1390/650kg, £1330/620kg, W McKean £1310/620kg, £1270/580kg, £1270/590kg, £1240/580kg, £1210/560kg, £1140/560kg, J Young £1170/500kg, £960/450kg, £890/350kg, R Black £1070/560kg, £880/490kg, £810/480kg, C Blair £990/400kg, £870/340kg, £870/350kg, £810/370kg, McCrea £970/510kg, S Robinson £970/550kg, £870/440kg, £820/420kg, M Rodgers £960/450kg, S Robinson £960/480kg, D McNelly £940/490kg, £810/440kg, S Millar £910/480kg, M Whiteside £900/380kg, £900/390kg, J McKinney £890/480kg and M Whiteside £820/420kg.

cows and CALVES

C Cooke £1440.

Fat cows

J Blair £1152.90/610kg, £1009.20/580kg, £980.20/580kg, K Walsh £1142.40/680kg, R Bredin £110.60/740kg, £713.70/610kg, £612/600kg, B Carton £812.20/620kg, £676/400kg, £665.50/550kg, £533.60/460kg, T McCracken £781/550kg and T Faith £706.80/620kg, £599.50/550kg, £520/520kg.

Fat bulls

W Devine £1200/570kg, £1160/540kg, £1050/560kg, £930/470kg and T McCracken £1029.20/830kg.

Flying trade of sheep in Lisahally with fat lambs selling to £146, fat ewes selling to £144, fat rams selling to £128 and ewes and lambs selling to £265/

Fat lambs

T Wallace £146/27.5kg, S Caskie £144/27kg, C Devine £144/27kg, £144/25kg, W McMurray £144/35kg, J McClelland £140/24kg, A Devlin £138/24kg, L Bryson £137/23kg, J Cunningham £137/23kg, K Walsh £137/23kg, E McElhinney £135/21kg, A Carmichael £131/27kg, £70/18.5kg, G Begley £131/22kg, £107/20kg, A Dougherty £130/21kg, H Robinson £120.50/22kg, £114/21kg, D Carlin £119.50/21kg, S Porter £115/19kg, M O’Hara £109/20kg, D Holland £99/17kg, A Craig £96/18kg and J McCelland £91/15kg.

Fat ewes

J Gillfillan £144, G Begley £143/30kg, R Henry £136, M Doherty £135, £87, £64.50, W McClenaghan £129, £111, Camnish Farms £124, A Dougherty £119, E Wiley £117, J McArdle £115, T Arnold £115, J McClelland £114, W McMurray £110, D Kelly £109, E Steele £107, T Wallace £106, A Devlin £106, G Doherty £99, J Cuthbert £92, D Holland £87,£ 68 A Carmichael £80, £64 T Arnold £80, K Walsh £78, G Begley £66, D Kelly £66, A Craig £66, J Ruddy £66 and O Olphert £55.

Fat rams

K Walsh £128, W McClenaghan £108 and J Young £87.

Ewes and lambs

E Steele £265, £260, £170, C Kildune £195, £129, N McFarland £184, £148 and R McDonald £160, £164, £140, £103.

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