Stores selling to £2250 for 700kg at Lisahally Mart

A smashing trade in Lisahally this week with stores making £2250/700kg and an overall average of 236ppk while weanlings topped 318ppk and had an overall average of 251ppk.
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A Buchanan £2250/700kg £2150/700kg £2080/730kg A McKinley £2100/780kg R Barnett £2010/670kg £1960/690kg £1910/690kg £1860/720kg £1770/650kg £1740/650kg £1710/660kg £1710/610kg £1700/630kg R McCrea £1510/680kg £1400/650kg £1350/630kg £1300/610kg £1290/610kg £1180/560kg A Hamilton £1390/640kg £1380/630kg £1300/600kg £1220/560kg £1100/520kg D Devine £1380/560kg £1160/530kg G Hamilton £1290/610kg £1190/510kg R Hamilton £1250/530kg £1140/460kg J Beattie £1170/530kg £1170/520kg £1120/510kg J Dodds £1120/540kg and H Nutt £1100/420kg £1090/410kg.


Lisahally MartLisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

H Nutt £1480/540kg £1250/460kg £1060/460kg R McCrea £1330/630kg J McSparran £1300/560kg £1070/460kg £1070/460kg £900/430kg S Johnston £1250/520kg £1210/530kg £1150/490kg J Cooke £1030/380kg £970/430kg £940/430kg £890/380kg £840/420kg G Hamilton £1010/460kg £980/460kg £970/470kg R Hamilton £980/470kg £860/420kg and D Young £870/320kg.


A McLaughlin £1390/550kg £1360/510kg £1190/420kg £1170/440kg J McClelland £1350/460kg £1180/370kg £1070/340kg £1040/350kg £1010/350kg £1000/260kg £960/330kg £900/310kg T Kane £1080/410kg M Armstrong £1010/440kg £860/420kg £840/400kg R Deery £970/330kg £820/320kg D Devine £900/430kg £900/450kg £890/380kg £890/410kg T Henderson £880/370kg and J Neely £780/270kg £730/270kg £720/260kg.

Fat cows

A Thompson £1777/750kg £1373/690kg J McClelland £1627/750kg R Deery £1614/670kg S Colhoun £1365/730kg D Devine £1297/630kg and R McLaughlin £1270/530kg £1000/460kg.

Sheep where high on demand on Tuesday night with lambs topping £150 and fat ewes making £160.


J McClelland £150/38kg R Wilson £149/32.5kg M McNicholl £147.50/28.5kg £146.50/26kg L Conn £146/29kg £140/25kg R Wilson £146/23.5kg £145/27kg £134/23kg R Deery £143/28kg £142/24kg D Devine £142/23kg £140/22.5kg P Donaghey £141.50/25kg £135/25kg R Blackburn £141.50/25kg H Derry £130/22.5kg and K Buchanan £118/22.5kg.


A Rainey £160 W McMurray £160 A Douglas £150 E Wiley £130T Irons £130 D Walker £124 J O'Connor £120 S Porter £120 H Reilly £120 £116 Hyland Farms £116 M McKinley £110 K Buchanan £110 and T Irons £106.

Ewes and lambs

E Wiley £236 (double) £231 (double) £230 (double) £228 (single) £224 (double) £220 (double) £216 (double) £200 (single) £180 (single) £177 (single) £175 (single) £162 (single) £160 (single) and £159 (single).