Strong male weanlings selling to £950 at Lisnaskea Mart

A seasonal entry of stock this week sold to a steady demand for all sorts at Lisnaskea Livestock Sales on Tuesday 1st June.

Thursday, 3rd June 2021, 12:17 pm

This week strong male weanlings sold to £950 for a 500kg Aberdeen Angus (£190) with a 260kg Charolais, selling to £830 (£319) for a Lisnaskea producer.

Weanling heifers sold to £775 for a 425kg Aberdeen Angus with a 330kg Charolais to £750 and a 260kg Charolais to £650.

Sample prices as follows:

Weanling steers and bulls

Maguiresbridge producer 500kg Aberdeen Angus to £950 (£190); Lisnaskea producer 260kg Charolais to £830 (£319); 275kg Charolais to £760 (£276) 260kg Aberdeen Angus to £695, and 260kg Aberdeen Angus to £650. Magheraveely producer 415kg Aberdeen Angus to £830 and 400kg Aberdeen Angus to £720. Rosslea producer 205kg Charolais to £570 (£278).

Weanlling heifers

Magheraveely producer 425kg Aberdeen Angus to £775. Lisnaskea producer 330kg Charolais to £750, 290kg Charolais to £710 and 280kg Charolais to £700.Derrylin producer 370kg Lim. to £700 and 350kg Aberdeen Angus to £560. Rosslea producer 260kg Charolais to £650. Lisbellaw producer 260kg Charolais to £650, 310kg Hereford to £630, 245kg Charolais to £590 and 275kg Belgian Blue to £580. Aghalane producer 370kg Hereford to £640, 290kg Hereford to £550, 280kg Hereford to £550, 310kg Hereford to £520 and 255kg Hereford to £490.

More stock required weekly to supply demand.