Superb prices for fat ewes with prices to £212 at Armoy

A smaller show of sheep on Wednesday night saw hoggets sell to £135.

Fat ewe trade was superb with many ewes upwards on £150 to a top of £212.

Leading prices

William Knowles, Cloughmills, 35kgs £135. Geo Steele, Bushmills, 30kgs £130. William Elliott, Ballycastle, 30kgs £130. PJ Dougan, Coleraine, 26kgs £128. Pat Kane, Ballycastle, 30kgs £130. Brian Gribben, Dunloy, 27kgs £128. Galbraith Bros, Coleraine, 25kgs £127.50. Frank McKendry, Cloughmills, 28kgs Blackface, £127. Sam McCreith, Armoy, 30kgs £127.50. Chris Hegarty, Ballymoney, 27kgs £128.50. B and S Duffin, Kells, 22kgs £125.50. R Kirk, Bushmills, 22kgs £124.00.

Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

Fat ewes

N McClure, Ballymoney, Texel, £212. WD Marshal, Clough, Texel, £179. Paul Black, Ballycastle, Texel, £186. Peter Thompson, Bushmills, Suffolk, £186. Chris Hegarty, Ballymoney, Texel, £185. Maurice Smyth, Armoy, Crossbreds £173. Geo Steele, Bushmills, Texel, £161. Neil Carey, Cloughmills, Texel, £157. N McClure, Ballymoney, Suffolk, £166. W Marshal, Cloughmills, Suffolk, £162. Mal Kelly, Ballycastle, Crossbreds £158. John Todd, Ballycastle, Crossbreds £153. David Cusick, Armoy, Crossbreds £154. Ian McConaghy, Bushmills, Texel, £158.

Sale every Wednesday night at 7.00pm.

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Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.