This Farming Life star ‘felt horrible’ following viewer’s complaint to police

This Farming Life star, Emma Gray, has admitted an anonymous complaint made to police left her feeling ‘a bit horrible inside’.

Emma, who has moved to the Isle of Bute with her husband Ewan Irvine and their young son Len, took to her Instagram stories this week to reveal they had received a visit from the police in relation to the complaint.

She told followers: “Someone kindly made an anonymous complaint about us having Len with us on the quad during the show.”

Emma then shared the clip from the episode in question, in which Ewan and Len are both wearing helmets and travelling slowly on the quad, checking on ewes and lambs.

Emma, Ewan and Len. Image: BBC
Emma, Ewan and Len. Image: BBC
Emma, Ewan and Len. Image: BBC

The next day, Emma posted a snap to her Instagram grid of herself, Ewan and Len sat on a quad, accompanied by two of their sheepdogs.

The mum captioned the picture: “Disclaimer, this bike was stationary.

“When we open up our lives to the cameras, we also recognise that we also open ourselves up to scrutiny.

“That’s fine by us, we expect a level of criticism and try not to take it to heart, you can’t please everyone.

“But we are only human and it doesn’t stop it hurting a little when we read or hear negativity.

“The realities of farming mean that it is always a family enterprise, and particularly this year, it has been all hands on deck.

“Moving to an island with no family nearby and a young child was tough, as you can imagine.

“We love sharing our life warts and all with the program and think ‘This Farming Life’ is a beautifully created program showing the realities of farming for all to see.”

The family have been back on TV screens for series five of the popular farming show.

They moved from their small 100-acre farm in Northumberland to their forever farm on the Isle of Bute, with Ewan leaving his job as a firefighter to become a full-time farmer.

The couple have committed to a 20-year tenancy and the move to the bigger farm has presented the couple with a number of challenges – from increasing livestock numbers, taking on a large debt and getting used to island living.

The next episode of This Farming Life will be shown next Tuesday night at 8pm.