Tremendous show of cattle at Pomeroy

There was a fantastic show at Pomeroy with bullocks selling to £1420/690kg, heifers selling to £1290/570kg, bulls selling to £780/220kg, springers selling to £1000 and cows and calves selling to £1600.

Thursday, 8th July 2021, 1:00 pm

BULLOCKS: S Garrivan £1420/690kg, £1190/590kg, O Girvan £1390/610kg, £1250/530kg, D Kelly £1360/590kg, £1260/620kg, £1230/570kg, £1010/530kg, R Rankin £1310/590kg, £1220/570kg, K Nugent £1280/560kg, £1150/580kg, £1050/530kg, £1050/530kg, C McNabb £1240/580kg, £1040/550kg, £1020/570kg, £1010/550kg, £1000/550kg, £950/510kg, £890/500kg, D McManus £1180/490kg, £1140/420kg, £1100/450kg, £1070/470kg, £1100/450kg, £1070/470kg, £1030/420kg, £940/420kg, G McIvor £1180/610kg, £1150/680kg, M Daly £1140/480kg, M Rafferty £1100/520kg, £1100/520kg, B Meenagh £1020/510kg, B O’Neill £940/430kg, P Donnelly £930/490kg, S McGee £930/350kg and D McLaren £860/290kg.

HEIFERS: O Girvan £1290/570kg, £1250/620kg, £1240/640kg, £1170/530kg, £1170/540kg, £1160/550kg, £1060/560kg, R Cuddy £1190/580kg, £1110/510kg, £1090/560kg, C McNabb £1190/450kg, £1190/450kg, J McElroy £1140/480kg, R Burnside £1130/360kg, £950/400kg, M Rafferty £1120/530kg, £1090/500kg, £970/520kg, £960/460kg, £960/500kg. H Clarke £1070/490kg, £1050/490kg, B McNulty £1030/500kg, L Carson £990/420kg, P Nugent £950/420kg, £940/370kg and M Donnelly £940/440kg.

BULLS: D McLaren £780/220kg, £750/210kg.

SPRINGERS: N McEldowney £1000

COWS AND CALVES: Brackenhill Farms £1600, £1560, £1440, £1340, Gortavoy Farms £1440, T Carson £1420, D Mullholland £1200