UFU urges members to contact their local MLAs about Green Party Climate Change Bill

The Ulster Farmers’ Union (UFU) is urging members to contact their local MLAs, highlighting their concerns about Clare Bailey’s Climate Change Private Member’s Bill which is currently progressing through the Northern Ireland (NI) Assembly.

The second stage vote on this Bill is expected in the NI Assembly in early May, therefore, please take action as soon as possible.

Climate change has rapidly become a very significant issue both on the world stage and also more locally. The proposals currently moving through the NI Assembly could result in radical changes to livestock farming in particular and a transformation of land use across NI.

It is vital that the wider UFU membership start engaging on this important subject and play their part in lobbying politicians to prevent populist policies that are not backed up by evidence being imposed on us. Climate change targets will influence other policies including future agricultural support payments therefore it is vital that the right targets are selected. The UFU supports climate change legislation and the need to tackle emissions from agriculture but proposals must be fair and credible and backed by evidence – unlike this Bill.

Experts in the Climate Change Committee have indicated that even by reducing meat and dairy production by 50 percent in NI, we still would not hit the targets proposed in this Bill. Yet, this Bill will become law this year unless a significant effort is put in to stop or amend it.

The UFU is encouraging members to play their part by sending an email/calling their local MLAs, Councillors, and MPs from all political parties. It is important to include your full name and address in the email so they can see that you reside in their constituency.

Please contact the UFU if you require an email template or need any assistance (Aileen Lawson - [email protected]).

A template email and list of NI MLAs and their contact details, can be found here https://www.ufuni.org/news/ufu-urges-members-to-contact-mlas-about-climate-change.