Virtual arable conference planned for March 3

As with many events this year the annual arable conference held by the College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise, the Ulster Arable Society and the Ulster Farmers’ Union, will be moving online due to the current coronavirus situation.

The original plan, as outlined at an earlier date, was to have two webinars.

However, the tighter lockdown post-Christmas combined with the health concerns of the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs Minister, meant that the first event could not take place.

The second event focusing on the principles of regenerative agriculture in arable systems, will take place on Wednesday 3 March at 8pm. The event will be hosted by the UFU on Zoom. Registration is now open on the UFU website in the events section,

Speakers at the event include Charlie Curtis from Progressive Agriculture who will outline the principles of regenerative farming, PHD research student Paul Cottney who will present the findings of his research on Cover Crops in Northern Ireland and David Blacker, a former Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board monitor farmer who will discuss his experiences with adapting these techniques in his arable business.