Watch: World’s first ever methane powered tractor makes Northern Ireland debut

The world’s first ever methane powered tractor has premiered in Northern Ireland.

Burkes of Cornascriebe Ltd is showcasing the New Holland T6.180 Methane Power at its Balmoral Show stand (B3).

Burkes of Cornascriebe Ltd, located on the Markethill Road, Portadown, is a fully franchised New Holland agricultural and construction dealership.

The team at Burkes are delighted to now be offering customers in Northern Ireland the opportunity to buy the T6.180 Methane Power.

The team from Burkes of Cornascriebe with Marc Haggart (New Holland) and Paula from Granville Ecoparks Ltd

The new T6 Methane Power – winner of the first Sustainable Tractor of the Year award - is the world’s first 100 per cent methane powered production tractor, and has been described as “key to CO2 reduction, without comprising performance”.

New Holland explained: “The T6 Methane Power tractor is the final piece of the jigsaw to complete the virtuous cycle of the Energy Independent FarmSM concept.

“Farmers can make use of agricultural or animal waste (as well as specifically-grown energy crops), to generate biomethane, which powers the tractor, which, in turn, helps to grow those very crops.

“Alternatively, refilling can be performed directly from the gas grid network, or at specific biomethane stations.”

With the same levels of power as its diesel equivalent, you also benefit from up to 30 per cent lower running costs.

The T6 Methane Power features an all-new NEF 6.7L engine, specifically developed for agricultural applications by FPT Industrial, a leader in natural gas powertrain technology, with over 20 years’ experience and 50,000 natural gas engines produced to date.

To find out more about the tractor, contact Burkes on Tel. 028 3884 0225, or visit the stand at the show.