‘We are on the brink - We are sleepwalking into food shortages’ warns Gareth Wyn Jones

Welsh farmer and well-known media personality, Gareth Wyn Jones, has warned ‘we are sleepwalking into a food shortage’.
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Gareth was in London yesterday where he joined the GB News presenter, Colin Brazier, live in the studio.

GB News viewers are well acquainted with Gareth, who regularly appears on the channel via video from his farm in North Wales.

He was invited onto last night’s show to discuss a methane neutralising face mask for cows, which is understood to have won a £50,000 design award from Prince Charles.

Welsh farmer Gareth Wyn Jones on GB NewsWelsh farmer Gareth Wyn Jones on GB News
Welsh farmer Gareth Wyn Jones on GB News

Presenter, Colin Brazier, described the mask to viewers as a “harness that fits around the cow’s head” and converts methane emissions into CO2.

The Welsh farmer, who runs around 300-head of beef cows, alongside his flock of sheep, labelled it a “joke”.

“This is a waste of time,” Gareth commented, “especially when you are walking around London and seeing everything that is coming out of the backs of cars.

“Cows have been on this planet for over 10,000 years and they haven’t been a problem before.”

He added: “I definitely won’t be putting any masks on my cows in the Carneddau mountain range, that’s a fact.”

The sheep and beef farmer highlighted the benefits of regenerative farming.

He told Brazier: “At this moment in time, the price of artificial fertiliser has gone through the roof.

“These animals are more important than they have ever been.

“For me, my family has been on the same farm for 375 years. Without the livestock, I wouldn’t be able to grow the crops that I’m growing, the food that feeds my family, in my vegetable plot.”

Gareth explained how he puts the ‘wool off the back of sheep’ to good use as well.

“These animals are so important in the equation,” he continued.

“When I hear people coming up with these ideas, that these are the problem of our climate crisis.

“It is utterly ridiculous and it’s about time we started fighting back with facts, with real science, and telling these people to grow up, to start flying less and start eating local. Look at sustainable, regenerative agriculture going forward.”

The GB News presenter referred to farmers as being ‘absolutely in the trenches of the culture wars’ and submitted to Gareth that farmers are ‘losing the argument’, something the hill farmer disagreed with.

Gareth said he did not have a problem with the opinions and personal choices of others.

However, he said the argument is being lost through “misleading propaganda”, which is “making these youngsters think that, by drinking oat milk, or soya, or [eating] tofu, they are saving the planet”.

“It’s not happening,” he pointed out.

“Let me tell you, we are on the brink.

“We are sleepwalking into food shortages in this country. It’s going to happen,” Gareth warned.

“We need a farming food revolution in this country and the farmers are on the forefront.

“We can have food security, but we need to educate the next generation of eating local, seasonal food and food that is produced regenerative.”

The North Wales native said cheap food will have a cost, whatever it is.

“If it’s vegetables, if it’s wheat, if it’s meat, cheap food will have a cost to something – a cost to the environment, a cost to the farmer, a cost to the animal. So, we have to address it and less waste is definitely something we look at,” he ended.