Weanlings selling to £313 a kilo at Rathfriland Co-Op

A good show of cattle on Friday, the dropped calf section contained calves up to three months old.

Thursday, 4th March 2021, 11:10 am

Topped to £445 for Belgian Blue heifer calf for a Rathfriland farmer.

Weanling calves sold to £840 for a 458k Aberdeen Angus bull from Banbridge, farmer.

Heifers topped at 506k at £890.

Bullocks topped at £1020 for 462k Limousin.

Dropped calves and young stock

Bull calves

Seaforde farmer Belgian Blue at £410, Ballynahinch farmer Aberdeen Angus at £390, Comber farmer Belgian Blue at £375, Ballyroney farmer, Limousin at £365, Banbridge farmer: Simmental at £365, Hillsborough farmer: Aberdeen Angus at £345, Ballynahinch farmer Aberdeen Angus at £340, Donacloney farmer Aberdeen Angus at £335, Dromore farmer Hereford at £320, Downpatrick farmer Shorthorn at £320 and Ballynahinch farmer Aberdeen Angus at £320, Lisburn farmer Fleckvieh at £305

Friesian calves £225, £165, £150, £140, £90.

Heifer calves

Rathfriland farmer: Belgian Blue at £445, Warrenpoint farmer Simmental at £370, Simmental at £360, Rathfriland farmer: Aberdeen Angus at £350, Rathfriland farmer Belgian Blue at £295, Banbridge farmer: Aberdeen Angus at £270, Dromore farmer: Aberdeen Angus at £265, Hereford at £255, Rathfriland farmer Belgian Blue at £250, Dromore farmer Hereford at £250 and farmer Belgian Blue at £230.

Weanling male calves

Banbridge farmer: Aberdeen Angus 458k at £840, Aberdeen Angus 454k at £830, Ballyward farmer Simmental 276k at £830, Banbridge farmer Aberdeen Angus 422k at £800, Aberdeen Angus 414k at £800, Aberdeen Angus 398k at £795, Aberdeen Angus 378k at £780, Dromara farmer Limousin 246k at £770, Banbridge farmer Aberdeen Angus 378k at £750, Camlough farmer: Friesian 398k at £635 and Downpatrick farmer Friesian 343k at £540.

Weanling heifer calves

Tassagh farmer: Aberdeen Angus 400k at £740, Aberdeen Angus 366k at £760, Aberdeen Angus 360k at £670, Dungannon farmer: Charolais 302k at £670, Limousin 310k at £660, Tassagh farmer: Aberdeen Angus 336k at £650, Dungannon farmer Belgian Blue 270k at £625, Charolais 254k at £620, Charolais 258k at £620 and Dromara farmer Limousin 314k at £590.

Fat cows

Kilkeel farmer Aberdeen Angus 734k at £900 and Ballyward farmer Montbeliarde 690k at £870, Montbeliarde 784k at £795.


Castlewellan farmer Hereford 506k at £890, Katesbridge farmer Belgian Blue 464k at £850, Limousin 384k at £800, Limousin 376k at £780, Charolais 354k at £780, Castlewellan farmer Hereford 476k at £780 and Katesbridge farmer Limousin 376k at £760, Simmental 350k at £700


Katesbridge farmer Limousin 462k at £1020, Camlough farmer Friesian 576k at £980, Katesbridge farmer Charolais 480k at £980, Aberdeen Angus 488k at £950 Camlough farmer Friesian 564k at £860, Katesbridge farmer Limousin 426k at £850, Montbeliarde 476k at £850, Loughbrickland farmer Highland 504k at £820, Camlough farmer Friesian 514k at £820 and Katesbridge farmer Aberdeen Angus 480k at £800.

Online bidding available via martbids.ie.

All buyers must wear face covering from now on while in the mart.

Tuesday evening saw a great show of stock and all stock sold to a fantastic trade.

Fat ewes selling to a flying trade this week again.

A Banbridge farmer topped the sale at £580 kilo for 20.2kg at £117.

Fat ewes topped at £168 for Texel ewe from a Castlewellan farmer.

More ewes over the £135 mark this week with plainer ewes from £100 to £125 each.

Light lambs

Banbridge farmer: 20.2k at £117, Rathfriland farmer: 19.1k at £112. Kilkeel farmer: 20k at £111,

Heavy hoggets

Annaclone farmer: 29.2k at £141.5, Kilkeel farmer: 29k at £141, Rathfriland farmer 36k at £140.50, Dungannon farmer: 24.5k at £140, Rathfriland farmer: 27.4k at £140, Ballyward farmer 40k at £140, Banbridge farmer 27.1k at £140, Poyntzpass farmer 35k at £140, 28k at £139.50, 24.8k at £139, Ballyward farmer 23.8k at £138, Annaclone farmer 24.2k at £137.50, Banbridge farmer 23K at £137.50.

Fat ewes

Castlewllan farmer: £168, Rathfriland farmer: £152, Moneyslane farmer: £146, Newry farmer: £141, Dromara farmer: £138, Banbridge farmer: £131, Ardarragh farmer: £130, Banbridge farmer £130 and Rathfriland farmer £128.

Fat rams

Dungannon farmer £132, Dromara farmer £126, Moneyslane farmer £126, Caledon farmer £124, Dungannon farmer £120, Kilkeel farmer £118 and Dungannon farmer £114.

Ewes and lambs

Kilkeel farmer £300, £300, £270 and Seapatrick farmer £195.

Online bidding available via martbids.ie.

All buyers must wear face covering from now on while in the mart.