Webinar series dedicated to silage quality kicks-off on March 25th

Alltech/InTouch is hosting a series of forage training webinars, themed: ‘Making Silage Sense’.

Aislinn Campbell, InTouch feeding specialist
Aislinn Campbell, InTouch feeding specialist
Aislinn Campbell, InTouch feeding specialist

InTouch specialist Aislinn Campbell explained:“When we examine the diets that we feed our animals on a daily basis we realise very quickly that at least 50% of it contains grass silage/forage.

“Delivering top quality silage to our animals is of utmost importance especially if we are able to achieve our targets and goals for production.

“With feed prices set to remain high for the rest of the year, efficiency on farm will be key and maximising performance from forage will be vital to farm profitability. Examining many silage samples taken last year shows a vast array of results ranging from poor to excellent and I would like to take this opportunity to help everyone to improve their silage quality for 2021.”

She added: “With grass fever about to hit Northern Ireland shortly it is important that farmers are prepared for the upcoming silage season. While the objective is to produce top quality, we also need to improve efficiencies by reducing field and clamp losses where possible.”

Alltech/InTouch has teamed-up with independent silage expert Dr. Dave Davies from Silage Solutions Ltd to deliver the upcoming webinar series. The events will focus on a range of important issues. These include: maximising yield, quality, and utilisation of silages.

The first webinar is entitled: managing silage to maximise animal performance. It takes place on Thursday, March 25: starting time 7:30pm.

To view proceedings, visit: https://go.alltech.com/en-ie/making-silage-sense