What is the average price for a litre of red diesel in Northern Ireland today?

The average price of red diesel today for customers in Northern Ireland is 94.40 pence per litre (excluding VAT).

That’s according to the website boilerjuice.com, which checks the lowest price for 1,000 litres of red diesel from all of its suppliers across postcodes in Armagh, Ballymena, Belfast, Coleraine, County Down, Derry, Dungannon, Lisburn, Lurgan and more.

Boiler Juice, which was set up in 2004, provides instant online quotations from participating suppliers, ranging from small family-owned independent businesses, to the larger regional and national brands.

In the UK, the average price of a litre of red diesel today is 101.47 pence per litre (excluding VAT).

This time last year, red diesel cost around 50.93 pence per litre in Northern Ireland. However, prices soared earlier this year following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

On 14 March this year, just under a month after the invasion, a litre of red diesel cost, on average, 139.97 pence for customers in Northern Ireland.

Prices dipped to around 80.37 pence in August, before rising again to an average of 105.82 pence per litre at the beginning of September.

Back in March, TUV leader Jim Allister urged the government to act as prices reached 130.43 pence per litre (excluding VAT).

The North Antrim MLA described the rise in fuel prices as “astronomical”.

He said: “The crippling and astronomical rise in fuel prices demands urgent government action.

“The burden on families and our economy is becoming unbearable.

You can check the prices for red diesel and home heating oil in your area here.

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