FarmInMind encourages farmers to take the stress test

Sustained and high levels of stress can put farmers’ lives at risk, especially when they are unaware of the symptoms when tackling more dangerous tasks on the farm. Stress tests are now quick and easy to take, with help from THE new website FarmInMind.
Look after your family and your farm, by taking care of yourself.Look after your family and your farm, by taking care of yourself.
Look after your family and your farm, by taking care of yourself.

Research suggests that a farmer’s stress levels could be a contributory factor for accidents and fatalities which happen on farms. The unique nature of farming creates multiple stressors, which cause a state of ongoing strain or tension.

HSENI has developed a new website called FarmInMind. It enables farmers to take two fast tests, which are easy to follow:

1 – Who-5 Test allows farmers to establish on a scale of 0-5 how stressed they currently are. Once their level of stress has been established, they will either be directed to Lifeline, for urgent support in those cases where the stress levels are reported to be too high, or be asked to continue to the Stress Indicator Test.

2 – Stress Indicator Test is a follow-up from the Who-5 test, allowing farmers to establish which key areas of farming life is causing them stress. They will be given a score and then signposted to relevant content where they can find additional help and support for each of the areas which is causing them stress, such as finance and workload.

The FarmInMind website is entirely confidential and has been developed with the help of key agricultural partners including Rural Support, The Farm Safety Partnership and the Workplace Health and Leadership Group (NI).

Stress is part of life but needs to be managed. When stress levels rise, so do the risks of having an accident and it is important to learn to recognise the signs.

To find out more or take the stress test, visit

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