Dessie Currie leads from the front at The Meadows

Ashley Kelly riding Jimmy to a clear round in the 90cm
Ashley Kelly riding Jimmy to a clear round in the 90cm

Competitors at the fourth leg of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing enjoyed sunny conditions, leading many to believe that the Meadows Equestrian Centre has indeed got a weather front all of its own.

It was another action packed day across all three disciplines which got underway at 9am.

Sarah Curran riding Kendal to a clear round in the 1.10m

Sarah Curran riding Kendal to a clear round in the 1.10m

Once again, Denis Currie put in a winning performance in the Novice class onboard Arodstown Aramis before setting off to Lansdowne Road to celebrate Ireland’s impressive victory over Italy.

Neil Morrison, riding Ruth Porter’s Cheeky came a very close second. This gelding is the older full brother of Black Ice and Malcolm X and the combination plan to continue their eventing season at 2* level.

The Intermediate class saw a reversal of last week’s top two places with Ella Boyle and Candy moving up one place to take the winning rosette from Alex Houston and Echo.

Meantime, Stephen Murphy had his work cut out for him in the two Intro classes with a very full entry. Nicky Nesbitt rose to the fore in the ‘A’ section with her veteran Master Imp gelding, The Spy Master, who led by a fraction over Florence Campbell and Ben, who continued to show great consistency in this series.

Nicola Martin, from Crossgar, made her presence felt in the ‘B’ section with a very well deserved win on Guy, followed very closely by Justine Harding riding Kay Magill’s Bonmahon Quickstep.

Event rider, Adam Haugh, dominated the Pre Novice section again this week, taking the win with Van Thee Man and fourth place with Ballybolger Lion Man. The runner-up spot in this very tightly contested class was last week’s winner, Hilary Redmond and Ludo.

Meanwhile, the Showjumping in Arena 2 continued unabated until late afternoon and the Cross Country Arena also had a full day of sport with the three classes well subscribed.

As always, sincere thanks to all the helpers who did sterling work to keep the busy show running, especially in the absence of so many regular volunteers who were attending an Eventing Ireland Seminar in Kildare. Special thanks to our scorer, Richard McCracken, for taking over the keyboard for the day.

There are three remaining weeks of this league which has been very kindly sponsored by Judy Maxwell of @Baileyshorsefeeds to whom we are deeply indebted.

This league is open to everyone and you can choose any or all of the three disciplines on offer. Dressage entries should be with Dora by 6pm latest on the Wednesday before each show – or by text to 07876 758 979.

Full results


Arena 1 – Intro ‘A’ - Test 96 (2016) – Judge Stephen Murphy: 1. Nicky Nesbitt, The Spymaster; 2. Florence Campbell, Ben; 3= Ruth Lyttle, Oberon and Rachelle Harding, Finn; 5= Gemma Chambers, Diamond Mountain & Amandah O’Connor, Glenmore Miss Mirah

Arena 1 – Intro ‘B’ - Test 96 (2016) – Judge Stephen Murphy: 1. Nicola Martin, Guy; 2. Justine Harding, Bonmahon Quickstep; 3. Kathryn Henderson, Betty; 4. Ruth Logan, Posh; 5. Jon Champion, Orbie; 6. Heather Champion, Basil.

Arena 2 - Pre Novice- Test 107 (2016) – Judge Martina McKinley: 1. Adam Haugh, Van Thee Man; 2. Hilary Redmond, Ludo; 3. Tori Dixon, Arnie; 4. Adam Haugh, Ballybolger Lion Man; 5= Elaine O’Connor, Dobbie and Florence Campbell, Diamond & Holly Boal, Bonmahon Flash

Arena 3 – Novice – Test 130 (2016) – Judge Myra Greeves: 1. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2. Neil Morrison, Cheeky; 3. Justine Harding, Charissma; 4. Lucy Johnston, Apollo; 5. Adam Haugh, Varande; 6= Ella Boyle, WKD Cooley and Katie McKee, Teddy.

Arena 3 –Intermediate– Test 115 (2011) – Judge Myra Greeves: 1. Ella Boyle, Candy 737; 2. Alex Houston, Echo; 3. Lucca Stubington, Oliver’s Green; 4. Charlotte Dixon, Zermie; 5. Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny; 6. Daniel Brown, Euro Jackpot.

Showjumping (double clear)

70cms: Bailey Parker, Lady, Beth Parker, April, Naimh Matherson, Katie, Leah Knight, Jedward, David O’Connor, Fifi, Leah Knight, Ace, Cormac McIlroy, Waddy,

80cms: Laura Fekkes, Finn, Leah Knight, Ace, David O’Connor, Dobbie, Katie Haire, Galway Girl, Kevin Mackey, Ellie, Freya McClelland, Harry, Adam Haugh, Van Thee Van, Riahannon Loughran, Hattie, Sarah Curran, Mano, Shane Belton, Mandy.

90cms: Hannah Thompson, Prince, Rachel Lindsay, Drombane Dancer, Jessica McConnell, Rickamore Sport, Jessica Nelson, Glen Mac, Kathryn Henderson, Betty, Emily Corbett, Sandie, Ashleigh Kelly, Jimmy, Simone Leathem, Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny, Erin Barlow, VSS Bling Bling, Tiarna McGrath, Kali, Donnacha Anhold, Laureldor, Lucy Hanna, Rebel, Hollie Woods, Ozmo.

1m: Emily Kirkland, Rafa, Jayne Moore, Layla, Abby Cummiskey, Dusty, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Megan Nelson, Ballynashallog Goldfinch.

1.10m: Neil Morrison, Cheeky, Daniel Brown, Euro Jackpot, Sarah Curran, Kendall, Laura Sloan, Cornascriebe Quida Diamond, Ella Boyle, WKD Cooley, Clare Abbott, Frankie, Lucy Hanna, Rebel, Emma McEntee, Bella, John McEntee, Wally, Matthew Johnston, Jupiter, Katie McKee, Teddy, Justine Harding, Carissma, Neil Morrison, Gem.

1.20m: Charlotte Dixon, Zermie, John Mcentee, Waltie.

Cross Country (Clear Round)

80cms: David O’Connor, Feefa, Nikki Nesbitt, The Spymaster, Erin Barlow, VSS Bling Bling, David O’Connor, Dobbie, Nicky Corr, Guy, Charlie Black, Oscar Rua, Nicky Corr, Ace, , Nicky Corr, Loco, Katie Wray, Ruby, Ruth Logan, Posh, Maillaih Magee, Dakota Cruise, Nicky Corr, Mylo.

90cms: Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey, Claire Smith, Tilly, Harry Haire, Hollow Smoke, Anna Jackson, Pip, Abby Cummiskey, Dusty, Gemma Chambers, Diamond Mountain, Lucy Toombs, Susie, Nicky Corr, Mylo, Nicky Corr, Fred, Jessica McConnell, Bella, Ellen Douglas, Johnny, Ruth Lyttle, Oberon, Ellen Douglas, Rock Melody, Abby Cummiskey, Black Jack, Nicky Corr, Guy, Aoife Cronin, Danny Boy, Emma Irwin, Heaven Scent, Caoimhe Crozier, Banjo, Emma Wallace, Millie, Charlie Black, Oscar Rua, Nicky Corr, Ace, Justine Harding, Bonmahon Quickstep, Megan Nelson, Balnashallog Goldfinch, Hannah Thompson, Simone Leathem, Julie Heron, soli, Helen Faulkner, derryvane Danny, Heather Champion, Basil, Hollie Woods, Ozmo, Jessica Nelson, Glen Mac, Anna White, Beezies Minty, Rachel Lindsay, Drombane Dancer, Jessica Nelson, Murphy.

1m: Clare Abbott, Sparky, Florence Campbell, Ben, Clare Abbott, Frankie, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad, Christine Milligan, Seana, Tola Thompson, Crackerjack, Florence Campbell, Diamond, Hannah Thompson, Fly, Campbell Smith, Diamond, Hannah Thompson, Lux, Kerry Magill, Toffee, Charlotte Dixon, Harrison, Emily Corbett, Sky.