Larne Grammar teams claim a one-two in the prize lists

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The second leg of the TRI Schools’ Showjumping League took place at the Meadows on a glorious autumnal day.

The enthusiasm of these athletes is highly infectious as is their punctuality. The first lorries were on site before 8am and the first combination was in Arena One five minutes ahead of the allocated 9am start.

It was certainly fast and furious action to get the very large entries through before darkness descended.

Larne Grammar School was placed firmly on the map in the Novice Team Competition where they claimed the top two spots in a class of nearly thirty teams, ten of which finished on a zero score.

The standard in the Open Team competition was equally impressive with six teams keeping the score sheet clean. Fastest of those was Campbell College, made up of the Clarke family, who held almost a four point margin over second placed Ballynahinch High School.

The Open Individual competition saw last week’s multiple winner, Ryan McGuigan and Just Because D & M, once again claim maximum points, just fractionally ahead of Royal School Dungannon’s Emma Jane Orr and Jazzy Susie.

This runner up combination took no prisoners in the Premier Individual class where she stormed to victory, four seconds clear of nearest rival, Vikki Fox and Bonnie Sir Edward.

Meantime, the younger competitors were keeping the Judges in Arena 2 on their toes as they gave their usual displays of great horsemanship.

Six fabulous combinations in the 50cms class finished with a double clear but the closest to the optimum time was Spa Primary School pupil, Charlotte Nelson and Bonnie.

The Tack & Turn out Inspectors really had their work cut out for them across all classes. However, there was no doubt about the winner in the 50cms class where Abi Gardner stood out with her immaculately groomed pony, Buster.

Sarah MacKenzie and Taz from Bush Primary School took the honours in the 60cms class where eleven superb little combinations managed to keep all fences intact.

Nicole Peoples and Forest Flash won the tack and turn out.

The Primary Team event saw Chicks With Sticks secure back to back wins over the Jolly Jumpers who were also runners up last month. This augurs very well for exciting legs to come.

Taylor McKnight riding Killeshin Bambino left his handbrake off as he soared around the course in the 70cms Individual class to take the win by a margin in excess of two seconds over Kym Moore and Applejack. That combination is showing great consistency as they were also last month’s winners.

The Novice Individual class is always a marathon event and this week was no different.

To get a top placing is certainly a tremendous accolade and this was the reward for Emma Lutton and Dooneens Be My Baby from Lisburn SERC. She kept her cool and took the turns with great ease to finish marginally ahead of another fabulous combination of James Murphy and Blue Cobweb.

The organisers would like to thank all Chefs d’equipe for their dedication and professionalism on a very long day. Thanks also to the parents and pupils for their co-operation as well as all judges, call ups, arena party, course designers and office staff.

Please note that with immediate effect, NO changes to teams can be made once the competition starts. Therefore, any required changes to the published running order must be made in the office prior to the start of each competition.

The next leg takes place on October 20.

Full Results

Primary Individual – 50cms

1, Charlotte Nelson, Bonnie, Spa PS

2, Sarah McKenzie, Taz, Bush PS

3, Juliana Nelson, Star, Ballydown PS

4, Molly O’Connor, Glider, St MacCartans PS

5, Jack Cowan, Jolly Jasper, Kings Park PS

6, Annabelle Betts, Mac, Tandragee PS

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Abi Gardner, Buster, Holywood PS

Primary Individual – 60cms

1, Sarah McKenzie, Taz, Bush PS

2, Grace Reid, Auglish Mist, Linn PS

3, Hannah Robinson, Poppy, Cairncastle PS

4, Juliana Nelson, Casper, Ballydown PS

5, Lily Murphy, Buzby, Meadowbridge PS

6, Elizabeth McCracken, Thunder, Moyallen PS

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Nicole Peoples, Forest Flash, Whitehead PS

Primary Individual – 70cms

1, Taylor McKnight, Killeshin Bambino, Bronte PS

2, Kym Moore, Applejack, Cookstown PS

3, Zoe Caskey, Gunner, Woods PS

4, Ruby Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini, Dromara PS

5, Elizabeth McCracken, Blaney Boy, Moyallen PS

6, Charlotte McCracken, Princess, Moyallen PS

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Millie Mulvenna, Zulu, Gilford PS

Primary Teams

1, Chicks With Sticks (Charlotte Betts, Charlie, Charlotte McCracken, Billy Frazer, Katie Robinson, Cloud, Taylor McKnight, Bambi)

2, Jolly Jumpers (Emma Burns, Perfect Peter, Elizabeth McCracken, Blayney’s Boy, Taylor McKnight, Astrix, Ruby Kinkaid, Lismahon Houdini)

3, KSZ Flyers (Kym Moore, Paddy, Zoe Caskey, Gunner, Kym Moore, Applejack, Zoe Caskey, Speedy)

4, Iveagh Little Mix (Lily Murphy, Buzby, Tilley Tumilty, LJ Sparkey, Jocelyn Hutchinson, Flight of Earls, Kitty Cullen, Rocky)

5, The Loansome Thoms( Sophia Bingham,Little Prince Caspian, Holly Ross, Dapple, Jack Morrow, Freckles, Holly Ross, Rocky)

6, Jumping Divas (Hannah Robinson, Poppy, Grace Reid, Misty, Nicole Peoples, Forest Flash, Amelia Bannon, Jude).

Tack & Turn Out Winners: The Loansome Thoms (Sophia Bingham,Little Prince Caspian, Holly Ross, Dapple, Jack Morrow, Freckles, Holly Ross, Rocky)

Novice Teams

1, Larne Grammar Blue (Joel Peoples, The Ranger, Anna Jackson, Old Town Starling, Emma Blair, Hijnx, Tyler Houston, Dunshane Sir Percival)

2, Larne Grammar Maroon (Sam Jackson, Acra Glas Red Ensign, Thomas Patton, Pepper, Mya McCullough, Windale Blue Sapphire, Anna Jackson, Knickerbocker Glory)

3, Aquinas (Ellen McEvoy, Indie, Jean M’Comish, Buddy, Ellen McEvoy, Buddy, Jean McComish, Indie)

4, Castlederg High School (Charlie Love, Rookie Diamond, Emily McFarland, Bounty, Jennifder Forsythe, Rosie)

5, Assumption Grammar Navy (Zara Burns, Tootsie, Emily Stewart, Apollo, Ella Kinkaid, Frankie, Zara Burns, Frankie)

6, Limavady Grammar (Heather Fulton, Archie, Caite O’Neill, Gortmore Prince, Abigail Cocking, Macmillan, Rose McIlwee, Sonic Hero)

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Limavady Grammar (Heather Fulton, Archie, Caite O’Neill, Gortmore Prince, Abigail Cocking, Macmillan, Rose McIlwee, Sonic Hero

Novice Individual

1, Emma Lutton, Dooneens Be My Baby, Lisburn SERC

2, James Murphy, Blue Cobweb, Regent House

3, Simone Leathem, Cashmir Jumper, Dromore HS

4, Sam Jackson, Acra Glas Red Ensign, Larne GS

5= Jessica Johnston, Marchezz Gemstone, Newry High & Hannah Patterson, Ladybug, Saintfield High

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Katie English, Toni, St Ronan’s College

Open Teams

1, Campbell College B (Tadgh Clarke, Joey, Ruari Clarke, Bonnie, Tadgh Clarke, Junkie, Ruari Clarke, Roger)

2, High School Ballynahinch (Megan Nelson, Murphy, Josh Knox, Take That, Megan Carson, Tynan Tobias, Megan Nelson, Ballnashallog Goldfinch)

3, BRA (Rocco Quinn, Pixie, Olivia Quinn, Thor, Jessica Davidson, NHS Nadal, Olivia Quinn, Pixie)

4, Campbell College A (Hugo O’Neill, Jude, Roddy Pannell, Rico, Harrison Blair, Sam, Ruari Clarke, Hilton)

5, Ballyclare High (Felicity McConnell, Rickamore Sport, Bradie Hogg, Tyson, Bradie Hogg, Rickamore Sport, Felicity McConnell, Tyson)

6, Ballyclare Secondary (Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo, Emma Ewing, Murph, Benjamin Gilmore, Katie, Tori Jewiss, Charlie)

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Our Lady’s (Grace Kehoe, Fifty Shades of Grey, Meabh McIlduff, Dalsown Done & Dusted, Natasha Neville, Tir N Nog, Niamh Morgan, Phoenix)

Open Individual

1, Ryan McGuigan, Just Because D & M, St Patrick’s College

2, Emma Jane Orr, Jazzy Susie, Royal School, Dungannon

3, Cerys Howell, Murphy, Glenlola Collegiate

4, Amy Shilladay, Northern Link Lady, Shimna Integrated

5, Cerys Howell, Lulu, Glenlola Collegiate

6, Josh Mark, Callinvella, Cambridge House

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Noah Brown, Fidget, RBAI

Premier Individual

1, Emma Jane Orr, Jazzy Susie, Royal School Dungannon

2, Vikki Fox, Bonnie Sir Edward, Victoria College

3, Ella Herron, Reilly, Hunter House

4, Charlotte Greer, Trinity, Ballyclare HS

5, Cerys Howell, Leo, Glenlola Collegiate

6, Jessica McConnell, Finding Nemo, Ballyclare Secondary

Tack & Turn Out Winner: Ryan McGuigan, Just Because D & M, St Patrick’s College.