Meadows competitors qualify for NI Festival

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Having avoided the snowfall that affected several other parts of the province last weekend, the Meadows Equestrian Centre hosted their first unregistered Showjumping and working hunter days following the success of the 2019 Flexi-Eventing Series.

A beautiful morning welcomed those who made the trip to the Meadows Equestrian complex.

The unregistered had a busy day with almost 100 entries passing through the arena, whereas up in arena 3, riders from all areas attended to the Working Hunter competition on a quest to pick up those all important qualifications for the Northern Ireland Festival held in Cavan Equestrian Centre in the coming months.

Under the watchful eye of judge Noeleen Mayberry, riders were tested over a variety of fences designed by in house designer Aaron McCusker.

Gearing up for busy few weeks ahead, the Meadows will play host to a variety of competitions over the next few weeks. This coming weekend will see the annual St Patrick’s Interschools with RUAS Interschools Qualifier take place on 16th March, this is followed by the third leg of the TRI Equestrian Pony Spring Tour on Saturday 23rd, this will be joined with Unregistered jumping in Arena 3.

Saturday, March 30, sees the start of the SJI Horse Spring Series and unregistered , with the National Pony Spring Tour on Sunday 31st March.

For further details please contact the Meadows on 028 38322417, via their facebook page or the website

Working Hunter Results

Class 1A, 60cms Cradle Stakes NIF Qualifier: 1st, Lily Murphy, Busby; 2nd, Brooke Rafferty, Pemway Picasso

Class 1B, 60cms Mountain & Moorland: 1st, Rachel Moore, Langfield Pantalaimon

Class 2A, 70cms Starter/ Nursury Stakes: 1st, Katy Annet, Fudge

Class 2C, 70cms 4 Year Old Horse NIF Qualifier: 1st, Holly McClenaghan, Bea; 2nd, Rachel Moore, Percy; 3rd, Declan O’Neill, Cash

Class 3A, 80cms 133cms NIF Qualifier: 1st, Lucy Morton, Molly; 2nd, Sadie McMahon, Cornagrew 50 Shades

Class 3B, 80cms Mountain & Moorland (Not Exceeding 143) NIF Qualifier: 1st, Rachel Moore, Woodhaven Katie: 2nd, Sadie McMahon, Blairmore Knightshade

Class 3C, 80cms Horse NIF Qualifier: 1st, Amy Harvey, Indian Robe; 2nd, Leah Chambers, Davinci Cody; 3rd, Bronagh Stevenson, Cnocia An Dubh Status; 4th, Hannah McComb, I’m Larry

Class 4A, 143cms NIF Qualifier: 1st, Lara Kelly, Drumcaughey Lucky; 2nd, Maeve McKeown, Rock the Boat; 3rd, Lucia McNamee, Ballyskeagh Blackjack

Class 4C, 90cms Horses NIF Qualifier: 1st, Vicky Carson, Inishowen Clover; 2nd, Holly Brown, Frenchfort Robuck; 3rd, Gwen Scott, Mastermind; 4th, Gwen Scott, Colorado

Class 4D, 90cms Small Horse NIF Qualifier: 1st, Amy Harvey, Indian Robe; 2nd, Rachel Moore, Kilusky Balleria; 3rd, Bronagh Stevenson, Cnocia An Dubh Status; 4th, Katie Crozier, Colorado

Class 5A, 153cm NIF Qualifier: 1st, Hallie Crowe, Derrylough Hugo; 2nd, Hallie Crowe, Clonteagh Dawn

Class 5B, 1m Horse NIF Qualifier: 1st, Vicky Carson, Inishowen Clover; 2nd, Maeve McIlduff, Dalstown Done & Dusted; 3rd, Sophie Cowan, Tempo Quickstep; 4th, Gwen Scott, Mastermind

Class 6A, 1.10m Horse NIF Qualifier: 1st, Holly McClenaghan, Mr P; 2nd, Meabh McIlduff, Dalstown Done & Dusted.