Record numbers attend Baileys Flexi Eventing

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It was certainly an extremely busy day at The Meadows on Saturday for the second leg of the Baileys Horse Feeds Flexi Eventing League.

There were almost 120 dressage tests ridden and over 250 doing showjumping and cross country.

Once again huge Intro numbers meant a class division with Justine Harding most impressing the hard working judge Vanda Stewart with Bonmahon Quickstep in the ‘A’ section. The combination finished one point clear of a duo already showing great consistency, Ellen Douglas and Rock Melody.

Topping the ‘B’ section and catching the eye of many of the spectators was Emma Lappin and Bat Out of Hell, followed by Lucca Stubington and September Son who moved up from eighth place last week.

Thirty three combinations presented themselves in front of Lucinda Webb-Graham in the Pre Novice class where Daniel Brown led the field with his lovely six year old bay mare, by Hold Up Premier, Fleur de Lis. They were exactly one point clear of an exciting new combination, Hannah Blakely and Clerkson.

It was a case of déjà vu in the Novice class where Denis Currie repeated last week’s performance with Arodstown Aramis to claim the red rosette by a margin of two points over the accomplished duo of Leah Jackson and Gemilly.

Helen Faulkner, making her first appearance in the league this year with Ann Cunningham’s Derryvane Danny, took top spot in David Lee’s Intermediate class, followed by Claire Sedgeman and Archie.

Meanwhile, Arena 2 staff were kept extremely busy with the showjumping classes which started promptly at 9am and continued until late evening. The standard of competition was very high with a good percentage of double clears being recorded across the classes from 70cms through to 1.20m.

Arena 3 hosted the all weather cross country courses which are proving very popular with eventers, would-be eventers and those who have never thought about that discipline before. With a great selection of fences to suit all abilities at 80cms, 90cms and 1m, it is undoubtedly a very valuable training asset at this time of the year.

Huge thanks go to all the judges, scribes, call up stewards, arena personnel, secretarial staff and scorers for all their help in ensuring that all three arenas ran like clockwork. Special thanks was expressed by all judges to Tristan Wallace for being so dedicated in his slip collection duties and every other duty asked of him.

Finally, thanks go to Judy Maxwell of @Baileyshorsefeeds for her continuing support and sponsorship of this very popular League which is open to absolutely everyone.

As the name suggests, riders can choose to do any or all of the three disciplines.

Showjumping and cross country entries are taken on the day but dressage must be pre entered with Dora on 07876 758 979 or by 6pm each Wednesday.

Full Results

Arena 1 – Intro ‘A’ – Test 92 - Judge Vanda Stewart: 1. Justine Harding, Bonmahon Quickstep; 2. Ellen Douglas, Rock Melody; 3. Gemma Chambers, Mountain Diamond; 4. Rachel Moore, Copper Beach Polly; 5= Rachel Moore, Country Song and Caroline Chambers, Copper

Arena 1 – Intro ‘B’ – Test 92- Judge Vanda Stewart: 1. Emma Lappin, Bat Out of Hell; 2. Lucca Stubington, September Son; 3. Jodie Creighton, Foxfire; 4. Florence Campbell, Ben; 5. Toby Fynn, Archie; 6. Emma Hobson, Ludo.

Arena 2 – Pre Novice – Test 102 - Judge Lucinda Webb-Graham: 1. Daniel Brown, Fleur de Lis; 2. Hannah Blakely, Clerkson; 3. Tori Dixon, Arnie; 4= Terry Smith, Frankie and Colin Halliday, Harry; 6. Jill Hobson, Harriet.

Arena 3 – Novice – Test 111 - Judge David Lee: 1. Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis; 2. Leah Jackson, Gemilly; 3. Lucca Stubington, Quingenti; 4. Orlagh Kelly, Elsarco; 5. Jill Hobson, Harriet; 6= Rose de Montmorency, Snurge and Kat Butler Ward, The Spin Doctor.

Arena 3 – Intermediate – Test 116 - Judge David Lee: 1. Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny; 2. Claire Sedgeman, Archie; 3= Katie Riley, Biscuit and Emily Corbett, Kermit; 5. Ben Rowlatt McCormick, MJI Cabernet; 6. Ben Rowlatt McCormick, Mon Amie Alme.

Showjumping (double Clears)

70cms: 1= Luke Campbell, Archie, Freya McClenaghan, Harry, Conor O’Hare, Daisy.

80cms: 1= Poppy Hepburn, Ben, Ella Morrison, India, Carmel Conroy, Nico, Jessica McConnell, Rickamore Sport, Ellen Graham, Kharma, Andrew Ferguson, Shannondale Jordi, Sadie Henry, Drumnagally M, Tierna McGrath, Superkali Fragilistic, Finona Magowan, Freedom, Lexi Kerr, Pepsi, Sharvin, Blondie, Suzanne Posnett, Billy Flare, Suzanne Posnett, Zeeva, Jenna Crawford, Emelia Van Erpekom, Rachel Conn, Kilmore Diamond Lass, Caoimhe McKeown, PJ, Suzanne Cochrane. Johnston’s Boy, Rachel Mccauley, Evie, Rachel McCauley, Archie.

90cms: 1= Alex Turley, Summer, Ellen McEvoy, India, Helen Faulkner, Derryvane Danny, Emma Lappin, Bat Out of Hell, Amy Giles, Dunmore Princess, Rachel Lindsay, Drombane Dancer.

1m: 1= Johnny Mulligan, Clover, Johnny Mulligan, Eddie, Fergus Reid, Cobra, Conor O’Hare, Lily, Jessica McConnell, Bella, Tori Dixon, Arnie, James McEvoy, Davy Lad, Morgan Hirst, Sumas El Greco, Luke Campbell, Darcy, Beth Cunningham, Dreamer, Charlotte Eakin, Callie, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Hannah Morrow, My Good Thyne Girl, Andrew Napier, Margie Mac, Lynsey Napier-Sneddon, Carsonstown Porsche, Holly McClenaghan, Miranda, Holly McClenaghan, Mr P, Louise Houston, Drumiller Heyday, Laura Ervine, Kara, Lucy Hanna, Maverick, Rose de Montmorency, Snurge, Rose de Montmorency, Ozzy, Colin Halliday, Billy, Beth Murray, Shakato, Kate Shields, Melody Maker, Abby Cummiskey, Dusty, Sadie Mcmahon, Creevagh Dilemna, Christina Turley, Wee Bob, Fergus Reid, Mojo, Rachel McKee, Dolly, Alex Byrne, Forest Lodge Rambler, Melissa KcKee, beach Babe, Ruari Clarke, Podge.

1.10m: 1= Orlagh Kelly, Elsarco, Rachel Rendle, Ballyvalley Bay, Charlotte Dixon, Zermie, Charlotte Dixon, Harrison, Phoebe Harbinson, Lisnavarragh Lou Lou, Kate Shields, Melody Maker, Daniel Brown, Euro Jackpot, Laura Sloan, Cornascriebe Quida Diamond, Katie Riley, Biscuit, Matthew Johnston, Oscar, Emma Newsam, Gee, Emily Corbett, Rody, Denis Currie, Arodstown Aramis, Camella McDowell, Pepsi, Neil Morrison, Cheeky.

1.20m: 1= Claire Schaeffer, Big Adventure, Janie Cairns, Kansas, Ben Rowlatt-McCormick, Mon Amie Alme.

Cross Country (Clear Round)

80cms: 1= Sharon Maughan, Bluestone Promise, Nicole Galbraith, CLF Daisy, Michael Irwin, Coco, Nicky Corr, Guy, Ella Morrison, India, Nicky Nesbitt, The Spymaster, Declan O’Neill, Abby, Caoimhe McKeown, PJ, Nicky Corr, Milo, Sadie McMahon, Altaturk Attitude.

90cms: 1= Caoimhe Crozier, Banjo, Claire Smyth, Tilly, Neil Morrison, Jake, Ruth Lyttle, Oberon, Ellen Douglas, Rock Melody, Lucy Hanna, Caoimhe McKeown, PJ, Shane McKeever, KHS Impact, Abby Cummiskey, Dusty, Sharon McKeever, Cosmic Rolo, Rachel Lindsay, Drombane Dancer, Megan Nelson, balnashallog Goldfinch, Jessica McConnell, Belle, Alex Turley, Summer.

1m: 1= Daniel Brown, Fleur de Lis, Daniel Brown, Euro Jackpot, Noah Brown, Jimmy Thunderstruck, Helen Cunningham, Lasban La Vista, Jodie Creighton, Tick The Box, Kat Butler Ward, The Spin Doctor, Camella McDowell, Pepsi, Kate Shields, Melody Maker, Conor Savage, Fitz, Jim Newsam, Welly, Jim Newsam, Handel, Caroline McQuillan, Florence Campbell, Ben, Campbell Smith, George, Joshua Russell, Mr Tip, Christina Turley, Wee Bob, Nikki Cullen, Danske Coevers Lass, Nikki Cullen, Tango Lad, Natasha Neville, Tyson, Johnny Mulligan, Chance, Johnny Mulligan, Edd, Johnny Mulligan, Mando, Hannah Morrow, My Good Thyne Girl, Josie Pollock, Master Gold Touch, Claire Schaefer, Big Adventure, Justine Harding, Charissma, Clare Abbott, Sparky, Beth Murray, Shalako.