160kg calf sells to £550 at Rathfriland Co-Op

Rathfriland Co-Op
Rathfriland Co-Op

There was well over 300 head on Friday with good weanlings maintain a good trade.

A Ballynahinch farmer sold a 160k Charolais heifer at £550 or 343.8p/k.

An Annaclone farmer sold a 236k Belgian Blue male at £700 or 292.6p/k. A Moira farmer sold a 242k Charolais male at £640 and a 248k lot at £640 equaling 258p/k.

Despite these prices, rougher stock would be cheaper on the week.

Suckler cows sold to £1250 from Upper Ballinderry.

Lots of good heifers were around on Friday selling to £920 with all good heifers from £800 up.

In the bullock section, a top of £1205 was paid for a 704k Charolais from Mayobridge.

Others sold up to £1200.

Fat cows sold to £830 for a 682k lot from Castlewellan.

Dropped calves and young sturks cleared up to £570 for a Limousin male from Newtownhamilton. Ballynahinch farmer sold four Charolais heifers at £565, £550, and £440 twice.


Newtownhamilton farmer: Limousin bull £570. Ballynahinch farmer: Charolais females, £565, £550, £440, £440 and £435. Ballinaskeagh farmer: Belgian Blue bulls £255, £230, £225 etc. Katesbridge farmer: £240, £240 and £240. Cascum farmer: £235. Rathfriland farmer: £280. Ballinran farmer: £230 and £230. Ballynahinch farmer: £230.


Ballynahinch farmer: 160k at £550 or 343.8p/k, 178k at £435 or 244p/k. Annaclone farmer: 236k at £700 or 297p/k. Moira farmer: 242k at £640 or 265p/k and 248k at £640 or 258p/k, 244k at £615 or 252p/k. Castlewellan farmer: 215k at £555 or 258p/k twice and 218k at £520 or 239p/k. Crossmaglen farmer: 336k at £850 or 253p/k. Cabra farmer: 440k at £875, 358k at £750. Banbridge farmer: 380k at £800, 370k at £780. Lisburn farmer: 308k at £740.


Upper Ballinderry farmer: £1250. Rathfriland farmer: £1160. Drumaness farmer: £1000. Drinn farmer: Sim bull £1180. Killeen farmer: Belgian Blue bull £1060.


Downpatrick farmer: 394k at £898, 386k at £745, 368k at £700. Mullaghbawn farmer: 372k at £780, 396k at £750. Ribadoo farmer: 484k at £880, 480k at £870, 482k at £865, 460k at £835. Ballyward farmer: 460k at £825, 456k at £815.


Rathfriland farmer: 704k at £1205, 698k at £1200. Kilkeel farmer: 674k at £1100, 606k at £945. Aughnaskeagh farmer: 640k at £900, 622k at £880. Tullyglush farmer: 596k at £875. Killeen farmer: 612k at £1020. Loughbrickland farmer: 592k at £880. Hilltown farmer: 450k at £845, 458k at £800.

Breeding ewes to £150 at Rathfriland Co-Op.

Another good entry on Tuesday evening with hogget ewes selling to £150 each for three lots from Ballyward and Lisnacree.

The main trade for breeders was from £130 up.

Fat lambs sold to £86 for 32k from Mayobridge.

Fat ewes and rams to £95 from Ballykeel.


A pen of 13.2k ewe lambs from Katesbridge sold at £61.50 or 466p/k. A pen of 14.7k from Mayobridge sold at £56 or 381p/k. A Dromore farmer sold 16.7k at £62. Heavy lambs sold to £86 for 32k from Mayobridge. Ballynahinch farmer: 27.5k at £77. Gransha farmer: 24.5k at £76. Ballinran farmer: 24.2k at £76. Ballynahinch farmer: 24.7k at £76. Lisburn farmer: 24k at £76. Ballykinlar farmer: 23.5k at £76. Castlewellan farmer: 24.4k at £76. Ribadoo farmer: 22k at £75. Moybrick farmer: 23.8k at £75.


Ballykeel farmer: £95. Bryansford farmer: £80. Ballinran farmer: £80. Lisnacree farmer: £77. Dungannon farmer: £75. Dromara farmer: £75. Moira farmer: £75.