Autumn slurry handling equipment maintenance

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As the closed slurry season is upon us, most farms will be busy getting last minute value from slurry and also emptying pits for the coming winter.

Recent weather has been kind and has allowed for a decent flush of autumn grass and many farms have taken additional grass in the form of bales as winter fodder.

This is ideal ground to apply slurry.

Once the closed period commences, that is the ideal time to service your ‘slurry handling equipment’ and make it winter ready. No doubt the open season will come again next January and at that time of year farms and contractors will be very busy, so why not get the machines ready now.

Slurry Tanker 10 point Maintenance Plan

- Thoroughly wash machine outside and flush the inside with water.

- Wash vacuum pump with diesel.

- Clean out stone traps.

- Replace any worn veins in the pump.

- Grease PTO’s and replace any worn parts.

- Top up vacuum pump oil.

- Tighten all wheel nuts.

- Check all lights and replace broken ones and add additional lights where necessary.

- Assess all sheds and see if additional fill points are needed on the Tanker.

- Assess suction hose for damage and replace if required.

Slurry Pump Maintenance Plan

- Thoroughly wash.

- Grease PTO and replace any worn parts.

- Replace marine bearing, if needed.

Slurry Applicator Maintenance Plan

- Thoroughly wash outside and machine pipework.

- Clean out stone traps.

- Open the Distributor cover, wash out and oil to allow lubrication.

- Remove any foreign bodies (like calf tags) from Distributor.

- Replace blades where required and assess tension of springs in the Distributor.

- Check lights are roadworthy.

- Replace any worn Boots and Tips.

This TLC may take a little time this autumn, but it will pay more than dividends, when the new season opens again, plus it will add to the life and value of your machine.

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