Derby fun at Knockagh View

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Knockagh View Equestrian Centre held a derby on Sunday, there was a great turnout and everyone enjoyed the course with the cross country starting out on the derby lane then back into the arena.

Knockagh View is currently running a mid-week showjumping league each Wednesday night starting at 6.30pm with 60cms to 1m.

There is also a showjumping day on Sunday, May 26, with classes for everyone, jumping starts at 11am with 30cms to 1m.


45cms: 1st, Vivianne Andrews, Sarah’s pebbles; 2nd, Abi Gardener, Buster; 3rd, Alice Salters, Candy

60cms: 1st, Angela Cartwright, Clover Top; 2nd, Ashlee Ervine, Tango; 3rd, Ashlee Ervine, Fuzzy; 4th, Lucy Ingram, Mr Darcy; 5th, Kristie Wilson, Twinkletoes; 6th, Grace Morton, Joelene

75cms: 1st, Stephanie Farren, Annie; 2nd, Ben Foster, Maisie; 3rd, Ryan Stewart, Listhole Thunder; 4th, Demi Blair, Lola; 5th, Lesley Wilson, Lyleview Martell; 6th, Grace Morton, Joelene

90cms: 1st, Cheryl Smith, Titan; 2nd, Caitlin McClelland, Todd; 3rd, David Cross, Delilah; 4th, James Jenkins, Rocky; 5th, Ryan Stewart, Listhole Thunder; 6th, James Jenkins, Seamus.