Heavy lambs sell to £98 at Markethill Mart

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 1500 sheep at Markethill on Wednesday, December 4 sold in a firm trade.

Customers were very keen for store lambs with 17 kilos £76 (447p) for a Clare producer followed by £56.50 for 13.2 kilos (428p) for a Pomeroy producer.

Middleweight lambs sold in a steady trade with 20.5 kilos £85 415p per kilo for a Cullyhanna producer followed by 20.5 kilos at £85 415p for a Kilcoo producer, followed by 20 kilos at £77 each 385p per kilo for a Newry producer and £79 22.3 kilos (354p) for a Silverbridge producer.

Horned lambs made 23.3k £81.50 (350p) for a Kilmore producer.

Heavy lambs sold to £98 for 27.5 kilos (356p) for a Keady producer, followed by £86.50 for 24.5 kilos (353p).

First quality ewes topped at £106, followed by £105, several pens made as far as £97 each.

Second quality ewes sold from £69 to £89 each.

Horned ewes sold from £45 to £61 each.


Keady farmer: 17.5k, £98, 356p; Silverbridge producer: 24.5k, £86.50, 353p; Richhill farmer: 24k, £84.50, 352p; Armagh farmer: 24.5k, £86, 351p and Drumlough seller: 24.3k, £84.80, 349p.


Cullyhanna farmer: 20.5k, £85, 415p; Kilcoo seller: 20k, £81, 405p; Newry producer: 20k, £77, 385p; Cullyhanna producer: 20.1k, £75.50, 376p; Cullyhanna farmer: 20.5k, £77, 376p and Derrynoose seller: 21.2k, £79, 373p.


Clare producer: 17k, £76, 447p; Pomeroy producer: 13.2k, £56.50, 428p; Dungannon seller: 17.5k, £73, 417p; Dungannon producer: 17.6k, £73, 414p; Derrynoose farmer: 18.4k, £76, 413p; Portadown seller: 18k, £74, 411p and Loughgall farmer: 18.5k, £74, 400p.