‘IDF is committed to driving forward science’

Caroline Emond
Caroline Emond

The newly-appointed Director General of the International Dairy Federation (IDF) said the organisation is wholly committed to driving forward its scientific heritage and helping the dairy sector make a greater impact in a fast-moving media and political climate.

Speaking on her first day in her new role, Caroline Emond said: “I am delighted to be joining the International Dairy Federation as Director General and I am proud to be an IDF Global Dairy Ambassador.

“The IDF is a prestigious institution with a history stretching back over a hundred years and the chance to lead and contribute to the ongoing success of the IDF is a great opportunity.

“I look forward to building on the excellent work undertaken by my predecessor Nico van Belzen and join a dynamic team and engaged community of experts around the world. I plan to bring energy, dynamism and a wealth of relevant experience to ensure that the IDF maintains and enhances its position as the authority on global dairy matters.

“The IDF has an outstanding record in fostering the development of dairy-related science. I am passionate about continuing the IDF’s essential work and communicating these efforts as widely as possible in a compelling fashion.

“The IDF’s unique ability to gain global consensus on key issues makes it the united voice of the international dairy sector. That, coupled with its respected multisectoral expertise places it in a strong position to make a real difference on behalf of the dairy sector and significantly contribute to consumers, producers, processors and stakeholders around the world.”