Markethill Mart: Heavy lambs sell from £76 to £80 each

Markethill Mart
Markethill Mart

An entry of 1070 sheep in Markethill on Wednesday, November 6 sold in a noticeably firmer trade for all classes of sheep.

Heavy lambs sold to 327p per kilo for 24.8 kilos at £81 each followed by 324p per kilo for 25 kilos at £81 each.

All good quality heavy lambs sold from 290p to 318p per kilo and from £76 to £80 each.

Good quality middleweight lambs sold to 363p per kilo for 20.1 kilos at £73 each followed by 360p per kilo for 21.1 kilos at £76 each.

All good quality middleweight lambs sold readily from 330p to 358p per kilo.

Demand for store lambs was significantly stronger with a top price of 472p per kilo for 25 lambs weighing 14.2kilos at £67 each from an Armagh farmer followed by 441p per kilo for 12.7 kilos at £56 each and 433p per kilo for 15.6 kilos at £67.50 each.

All good quality light stores sold from 390p to 430p per kilo with stronger stores to 396p per kilo for 17.8 kilos at £70.50 each.

Cull ewes sold from £70 to £99 each.


Forkhill farmer: 24.8k, £81, 327p; Moy seller: 25k, £81, 324p; Portadown producer: 24.5k, £78, 318p; Annaghmore seller: 24.3k, £77, 317p; Markethill farmer: 24k, £76, 317p; Tandragee farmer: 24.7k, £77, 312p and Markethill farmer: 25.6k, £79.20, 309p.


Markethill seller: 20.1k, £73, 363p; Dungannon farmer: 21.1k, £76, 360p; Armagh farmer: 20.4k, £73, 358p; Newtownhamilton seller: 21.3k, £76, 357p; Belleeks seller: 20.4k, £72, 353p; Silverbridge seller: 20.7k, £73, 353p; Markethill farmer: 20k, £70.50, 353p and Dromore producer: 21.2k, £74.50, 351p.


Armagh farmer: 14.2k, £67, 472p; Richhill farmer: 12.7k, £56, 441p; Armagh producer: 15.6k, £67.50, 433p; Mullaghabawn seller: 13.2k, £57, 432p; Banbridge producer: 16.8k, £72, 429p; Armagh farmer: 14.3k, £61, 427p; Newry producer: 15.5k, £64.50, 416p and Hillsborough farmer: 15.6k, £64.50, 413p.