Preparing for IPPC regulations

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Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) is a regulatory system that employs an integrated approach to control the environmental impacts of certain industrial activities.

It applies to many industrial sectors, including the intensive farming of poultry.

Under the IPPC Directive, intensive poultry units over specified thresholds must obtain a permit to operate. The threshold for poultry is 40,000 birds.

Lantra Awards offers a certified training course which is available to anyone over 16 years of age who is involved in the management of a poultry farm. This one day course in Preparing for IPPC Regulations for the Poultry Industry comprises a mixture of both theory and practical activities. It will guide you through the requirements of the IPPC so that you are aware of potential environmental impacts, and why it is important to minimise these. You will also understand the key requirements of the IPPC and relevant regulations, so that you are in a position to make improvements, where necessary, in order to apply for the IPPC permit.

On completion of the course, you will be able to understand the environmental impact of poultry farms, understand the importance of saving and monitoring resources, be able to minimise and monitor waste and pollution and be able to produce records and plans for monitoring emissions specified by the Rules.

To find a Lantra Awards training provider offering this course, visit, or contact the Northern Ireland office on or 07867 908 171.