Riders turn out in force for successful Banbridge Show

Serena Brown riding Rathdrum Boy, clear in the 128 50cm
Serena Brown riding Rathdrum Boy, clear in the 128 50cm

With almost 600 entries across two days, Banbridge Show produced another unprecedented weekend of showjumping at The Meadows Equestrian Centre.

Spectators were also out in abundance and, coupled with the excellent facilities, it was certainly a weekend to remember.

Emma Jackson riding Silken Allure, winners of the 1.10m UR/Ballyward Equestrian Summer Tour

Emma Jackson riding Silken Allure, winners of the 1.10m UR/Ballyward Equestrian Summer Tour

The show hosted legs of the Ballyward sponsored Summer Tour which attracted superb entries across the board. TRI Equestrian sponsored the amateur leg of the Ulster Region Points Cup which also yielded a great class. The premier event of the show was the 1.35m Ulster Region Ballyward Summer Tour which had over thirty starters for the sixth leg.

Colm Quinn built a very cleverly demanding track which incorporated many technical questions but still managed to produce nine clear first rounds, five of which continued unfaultingly in Round two where time was clearly of the essence.

The very worthy winner was Daniel Scott, who went in to the jump off double handed and rode the round of his life, taking every conceivable turn with ease. riding his own 10 year old mare, Jasmine Tide. He finished almost one second ahead of his other mount, Ian Millar’s Ploverfield Lilyana, a nine year old mare by Eurocommerce Pittsburg. Jonathan Smyth took the third spot with Mulvin Lights Out.

Sunday saw two arenas in action all day with large entries in the pony classes. Arena 2 which hosted all the 128 and two 138 classes had some fantastic speed rounds with plenty of parental support throughout.

Meanwhile, Arena 1 catered for the 148 classes where, again, standards were very high.

Ray Buchanan, show director and chairman of Iveagh Showjumpers, paid tribute to everyone who played a part in the huge success of the show. This includes sponsors, judges, starters, course designers, arena party and secretarial staff as well as the McCusker family for the use of their first class facilities.

Banbridge Show has grown from strength to strength, raising very valuable funds for local charities with the beneficiary this year being Newry Hospice.

Full results

Saturday – Horses

Amateurs sponsored by TRI Equestrian: 1, Ian Moore, Triple C; 2, Alexandra Bailey, Callie LVS Z; 3, Fiona Thompson, Curolea Roni; 4, Joanna Curran, Intis; 5, Joe Harris, Coppindell Concorde; 6, Catherine Chambers, Seapatrick Beachball

1.20m Senior: 1. Yvonne Whiteside, Ecclesville; 2. Luke Campbell, Corlioni; 3. Emma Jackson, Creevagh For Sure; 4. Emma Jackson, Amy B; 5. Sarah Burns, Georgie’s Star; 6. Stephen Gibson, SGS Welcome Louie

1.20 Young Rider: 1. Olivia Roulston, Avalent; 2. Emma McEntee, Cinnickroodnoot; 3. Jodie Creighton, Newmarket Alloy; 4. Patrick John Mcwilliams, Drumrot Penny; 5. Jodie Creighton, Hylight; 6. Ellie Humphries, Mini Skinny

1.35m Ballyward Equestrian UR Summer Tour: 1. Simon Scott, Jasmine Tide; 2. Simon Scott, Ploverfield Lilyana; 3. Jonathan Smyth, Mulvin Lights Out; 4. Abby Morton, Marblearch; 5. Philip Gaw, Ardnacashel Coovella; 6. Frank Curran, Elamo Luz Like A Real One

90cms UR Ballyward Equestrian Summer Tour - Double Clears: Stephen Gibson, Ibrahim, David Gibson, Ashfield Red Ginger, Elaine Morrow, Caltra Leader, Maeve Lunny, Okee Dokee, Mandy McQuade, Dromrott, Nathan Primrose, Killyglass White Gold, Justine O’Hara, Cullion Cruise, Lana Cheney, Orlaloy De St Simeon, Edward Mulligan, Mulligan’s Master Touch, Emily Hill, Holly Balloo, Helen Pannell, Crafty Guy, Steven Greer, Potora, Jonathan Cresswell, Rock With Me, Anne Duignan, May Ball, Liz Cherry, Monty Miller, Edward Mulligan, Charlie Goodwin, Louise Early, Pilgrim’s Girl, Justine O’Hara, Sally, Lisa Patterson, Rockmount Ivy.

1m UR Ballyward Equestrian Summer Tour: 1, Karl Kee, Dullerton Gold Girl; 2, Fiona Thompson, Curolea Roni; 3, Fiona Thompson, O’Harabrook; 4, Victoria Brown, Bunninadden Beauty; 5, Laura Brown-McCann, Turlough Cavalier Clover; 6, Elizabeth Irvine, Zinedine

1.10m Senior: 1. Emma Jackson, Silken Allure; 2. Jonathan Cresswell, Casual Z; 3. Sarah Burns, Georgie’s Star; 4. Martin Wilson, Hermes Diamond; 5. Sarah Kinnear, DStud Midget Gem; 6. Luke Campbell, IKandy

1.10m Young Rider: 1. Charlotte Harding, Crossmaglen Bandit; 2. Charlotte Eakin, Ursus; 3. Ellie Johnston, Cadence Dreamer; 4. Hannah Agnew, Elamo Jack of Hearts; 5. Hannah Agnew, Elamo She’s The Business; 6. Hannah Agnew, Elamo He’s A Real One

Sunday – Ponies

128 50cms Walter Reape Newcomer League - Double clears: Juliana Nelson, Loughries Star, Hariet O’Hagan, He’s So Naughty, Lexie Maguire, Jack-A-Roo, Jessica Baxter, Rockbury Johnny Depp, Connie McFadden, Charlie, Serena Brown, Rathdrum Boy

128 60cms incorporating U8 National Discovery League sponsored by Equestrian World of Maynooth - Double clears: Connie McFadden, Charlie, Elsie Tunney, Horizon Star, Sara Margey, Raheen Bonny, Juliana Nelson, Loughries Star, Kenny Treanor, Laurtom Hot Pursuit, Lexie Maguire, Manny, Sarah McLaughlin, Rashers and Sausages, Chloe Cathcart, Florrie Ward, Jessica Baxter, Knockavoe Merlin, Eunan Kelly, Tuity Fruity, Jul;iana Nelson, Casper, Emily Maneely, Scarletts Lulu

128 70cms incorporating O8 U10 National Discovery League sponsored by Equestrian World of Maynooth - Double clears: Chloe Cathcart, Florry Ward, Jessica Baxter, Knockavoe Merlin, Abbie-Rose McGeady, Mirdads Babysitter, Halle Anderson, Mountgrove Lady, Hannah Thompson, Mrs Diablo, Eenna Hamilton, My Gingernut, Zoe Mellett, Sox Line Cassie, Elizabeth McCracken, Nely Done That, Emily Maneely, Scarletts Lulu, Jessica Baxter, Lackaghmore Katie, Zoe Caskey, Smokegun, Ted Gibson, Sweet Salsa, Annabelle McKenzie, Ted, Gracie Bright, Happy Hippo

128 80cms MM Trucks National Pony League inc Gateau Stables Young Pony Series 4 and 5 YO - Double Clears: Elizabeth McCracken, Nely Done That, Erin Mathieson, Chocolat 11, Ted Gibson, Lisboy Smarties, Jessica Baxter, Tabita Chantilly Lace, Medb Kinney, Maximilo, Zoe Caskey, Ruthstown speed, Sophie Cathcart, Ballymaccooda Jack, Cillian Torrens, Tynan Petal, Sarah McLoughlin, Super Sonic, Eunan Kelly, A Little Fairplay, Caitlin Kelly, Bright Bling, Jessica Baxter, Sparkling Class Act, Darragh Murphy, Rough Diamond, Eenna Hamilton, Diamonds Sunshine, Sarah McLaughlin, Phoenix Phantom, Sophia Bingham, Dat’ll Do, Cillian Torrens, Tyrellspass Mademloiselle

128 85cms U10: 1, Medb Kinney, Maximilo; 2, Lily Tunney, Crindle Bee Two; 3, Lily Tunney, In It To win It; 4, Elizabeth Mccracken, Sweet Lily; 5, Ted Gibson, Lisboy Smarties; 6, Zoe Caskey, Smokegun

128 90cms inc Gateau Stables Young Pony Series 6 and 7 YO: 1, Elizabeth McCracken, Sweet Lily; 2, Jessica Baxter, Sparkling Class Act; 3, Lori Smith, Knockmenagh Rocco; 4, Zara Jane Kelly, Ballyglunnin Girl; 5, Kym Moore, Oaklea Supreme; 6, Zara Jane Kerlly, Lucky Number

128 1m Future Champion Qualifier: 1, Robert Russell, Kilcreene Apoollo; 2, India Heffron, The Nut Cracker; 3, Zara Jane Kelly, Capparoe Chic; 4, Alex McMaster, Sootilicious; 5, Robert Russell, Munsboro Plunkett; 6, Robert Russell, Shangan Ritmo

138 80cms - Double clears: Calum Pearson, Lackaghmore Frishow, Scarlet Thompson, Kilnamona McGuigan, Cara McFadden, Cullagh Dawn, Taylor McKnight, Sparkling Delta Dawn, Jessica Baxter, Sparkling Boomadonna, Grace Hasmill, Dernahatten Coevers Hills, Caoimhian Sharkey, Sparkling Miss Ellie

138 90cmsMM Trucks National Pony League inc Gateau Stables Young Pony Series 4 and 5 YO - Double Clears: Calum McVeigh, Knockagaron Fear Bui Falcon, Lucy McCann, Gortmore Julie, Kym Moore, Rosie, Jessica Baxter, Sparkling Boomadonna, Taylor McKnight, Sparkling Delta Dawn, Alex McMaster, OOS Paris, Lucy McIlhatton, Socks

138 1minc Gateau Stables Young Pony Series 6 and 7 YO: 1, Oliver Doherty, Springhill Copper Beech; 2, Calum McVeigh, Lily Clover; 3, Beth Thompson, Keoghans Boy; 4, Robert Russell, Dizzy Rascal; 5, Oliver Doherty, Sparkling Nina Lass; 6, Cormac Taggart, Stocai Baine

138 1.10m Future Champions Qualifier: 1, Oliver Doherty, Springhill Copper Beach; 2, Che Flanagan, Wirwick Ginger; 3, Dylan Torrens, Bobby Lee; 4, Robert Russell, Dizzy Rascal; 5, Jenny Dunlop, Cornhill Snowey; 6, Beth Thompson, Keogans Boy

148 90cms - Double clears: Billie-Jean Lynch, Derryvane Belle, Luke Devlin, Mirah Supreme, Matthew Devlin, Oona Phantom, Billie-Jean Lynch, Derryvane Bracken, Paris Douglas, Lough Allen Dancer, Freya Sayle, Bungi, Ava Stubbs, Stonebrook Tosca, Megan O’Neill, Diamond 11, Maeve Clarke, Lissyegan Bonny Babe, Ava Haughey, Sahara Storm, Eva Sloan, Slieve Rushen Don, Cara McFadden, Infinity, Eva Sloan, Sundance

148 1m MM Trucks National Pony League inc Gateau Stables Young Pony Series 4 and 5 YO - Double Clears: Freya Sayle, Bungi, Erin Crawford, Charlton Supreme, Simone Leathem, Coolys Trendy, Hallie Crowe, Derrylough Hugo, Billie-Jean Lynch, Derryvane Bracken, Katy McLean, Kiltiernan Bell, Clara Daly, Lackaghmore Lucky, Paris Douglas, Lough Allen Dancer, Taylor Hunter, Magic Rhythm, Beth Thompson, Rakish Talisman, Emma Forbes, Rainbow’s Promise, James Douglas, Spice Meister, Ava Haughey, Sahara Storm, Bradie Hogg, Western Tyson, Zara Burns, Tullymurry Sunshine, Matthew Devlin, Oona Phantom

148 1.10m inc Gateau Stables Young Pony series 6 and YO: 1, Erin Crawford, Sparkling Castlewarren Gold; 2, Shannon Treanor, Bay Star Lady; 3, Yiayan Evans, Powerstation; 4, Erin Crawford, Clinton Class; 5, Niamh McEvoy, Sparkling Mr Boomtastic; 6, Hallie Crowe, Derrylough Hugo

148 1.20m Future Champion Qualifier: 1, Niamh McEvoy, Sparkling Boomerang’s Clover; 2, Erin Crawford, Foyfins Lady Muck; 3, Yiayan Evans, Powerstation; 4, Sarah Moore, Cleagh Lady; 5, Shannon Treanor, Bay Star Lady; 6, Ellen Thompson, Sligo Little James

1m Junior Children on Horses: 1, Sadie McMahon, Sillan Coevers; 2, Eva Sloan, Rose of Connaught; 3, Simone Leathem, Amigo

1.10/1.20m Junior/Children on Horses: 1. Teaghan Burns, Rose of Lennon; 2. Alfie Adair, Caltra Artic; 3. Che Flanagan, Feroz Van de Boslandhoeve; 4. Sadie McMahon, Sillan Coevers; 5. Simone Leathem, Amigo.