Samson Group acquires Pichon Industries

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The Samson Group has taken over the activities in Pichon Industries. Pichon Industries produces a wide range of slurry tankers, implements and muck spreaders in two factories, one in France and one in Poland.

With an increased focus on utilization of natural fertilizer across Europe, the Glerup family behind Samson in Viborg wants to develop Samson further, becoming the leading European player.

With the acquisition of Pichon Industries, Samson Group becomes the European largest producer of slurry tankers.

“The two companies are complementing each other very well both with regards to products, production facilities and geographical distribution,” says Samson Agro CEO, Lars Henriksen.

The increased focus on utilization of natural fertilizer is pushing a technological development by manufactures. “A development that undoubtedly will speed up a consolidation amongst manufactures due to the financial strength needed to fund the required product development.”

“With this acquisition Samson Group is putting themselves in a very strong position for the future,” says Mr. Junker, chairman of Samson Group.

The two brands and their product portfolio complement each other in the best possible way. The products from the factory in Viborg are mainly aimed at contractors and large animal operations, with focus on efficiency and capacity.