Scour risk rises

"For peace of mind keep AsGold on hand to keep scours at bay," Una Hickey, Volac manager.
"For peace of mind keep AsGold on hand to keep scours at bay," Una Hickey, Volac manager.

Scour risk rises as winter turns to spring due to the sheer number of young stock passing through busy rearing and lambing pens.

Even on farms with very high standards of hygiene the risk of scours rise as ever more wee calves and lambs arrive so having AsGold to hand allows for prompt action.

AsGold is an electrolyte with added fibres to promote a healthy gut for both calves and lambs and should be used where digestive upsets are seen or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

This well proven product from Volac can be fed alone, with water or added to either milk or milk replacer. Thus there is no need to withdrawn milk from young stock at risk.

Calves with mild and nutritional scours should continue to receive normal amounts of milk or milk replacer as long as they want to drink. Diluted milk must not be fed to ill calves and if milk is withdrawn calves quickly lose body condition leading to either death from starvation or stunted growth.

Volac manager Una Hickey urges farmers to have AsGold in their medicine cupboards for peace of mind and to ensure timely use once scour is seen.

AsGold contains glucose and electrolytes to reenergise and rehydrate the calf as well as natural plant fibres and pectins to maintain that vital healthy gut. An ideal first feed for bought in calves ASGold is now widely used to aid recovery from digestive upsets in both calves and lambs.

This unique product, a must have in every calf house and lambing shed, can be obtained from farm suppliers and vets province wide in 500g pouches, 2.5kg and 5kg tubs.

For further information, contact Volac on Freephone 0800 919 818. Where scour is severe or persistent consult your vet.