Small in size, great in performance

Mr Harold Chapma, of Chapman Foods, pictured  receiving the keys to his New Claas Nexos 210 VL - the first orchard tractor to be sold in Co. Armagh.
Mr Harold Chapma, of Chapman Foods, pictured receiving the keys to his New Claas Nexos 210 VL - the first orchard tractor to be sold in Co. Armagh.

More powerful, more efficient, more manoeuvrable. In orchards, vineyards or municipal applications, the new NEXOS adapts perfectly to suit your needs and working methods.

To accommodate a wide range of requirements and implements, we offer an extensive choice of tractor types and a variety of equipment options. Your NEXOS meets every challenge with ease.

The Nexos line up includes 14 models all fitted with an FPT four cylinder engine carrying all the emissions standards,including a diesel particulate filter, catalytic converter and exhaust gas recirculation to meet Tier 4i and deliver maximum output from 55 – 82kW (75 – 112 horsepower).

Thanks to CPM (CLAAS POWER MANAGEMENT) the NEXOS 250 delivers a boost of up to 9 hp during PTO work and transport work from 13 km/h. It is therefore ideal for hauling bigger trailers and for use in power-hungry PTO work. Despite its very compact format, the NEXOS offers a maximum output of 112 hp and maximum torque of 440 Nm, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Nexos VE comes in at just one metre overall width, while the Nexos F makes 1.45m.

There’s a choice of five transmission options with a mechanical splitter with 24 forward and reverse gears combined with a Reverseshift clutchless reverse mode. A lower transmission tunnel and optimised cabin layout there’s more elbow room for the operator.

An optional four wheel drive system with a steering angle sensor automatically switches off the four wheel drive setting at headlands adding to the machines manoeuvrability

Hydraulic output on demand

With its enormous hydraulic output, the NEXOS has been specially engineered for high-intensity operations with attached implements or multiple equipment combinations. The rear linkage offers a maximum lift capacity of 3.1 tonne. Two hydraulic pumps as standard gives full 60 l/min from one pump is dedicated to the spool valves and rear linkage. The second pump supplies the steering. For applications with particularly high hydraulic requirements, the NEXOS can be fitted with a three-pump hydraulic circuit which achieves a delivery rate of 87 l/min. The third pump delivers 27 l/min and is dedicated to the rear linkage. This makes it easy to perform several overlapping functions simultaneously.

Mechanical or electronic spool valves

The NEXOS can be equipped with up to four mechanical spool valves. For maximum convenience, it can also be fitted with four electronic spool valves which are easy to operate using the ELECTROPILOT joystick and two rocker switches.

Ready in an instant

Daily maintenance work should be as straightforward as possible – because we know from experience that nobody enjoys doing things that are complicated or inconvenient.

l The one-piece bonnet opens at the press of a button;

l providing access to all the engine maintenance points;

l The oil can be checked and topped up on the right-hand side of the NEXOS when the bonnet is closed;

l All daily maintenance tasks can be carried out without tools.

Long oil-change intervals (engine 600 h, transmission and hydraulics 1,200 h) save a great deal of time and money. This means that less valuable working time is lost during the season and the tractor is where it should be – at work.

For more information phone Andrew on 07900 263 440; Ashfield & Wilson Ltd; 6 Old Moy Road, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone.