Spray through summer with Drumlish Farm Machinery

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Weeds and bugs are a simple but widespread problem for farmers and growers across the country.

With the expense of complying with sprayer testing which came into effect in 2016, many farmers are upgrading and investing in a new sprayer as opposed to spending money on getting their existing sprayers tested. The new required testing came into force to ensure all pesticide sprayers are working accurately and in line with the required environmental impact regulations.

In response to customers’ demands for a cost-efficient, fully-functional sprayer suitable for grassland farms, Drumlish Farm Machinery in County Tyrone have become a popular stockist for Agrional sprayers with a wide selection stocked onsite.

Agrional are a leading agricultural brand which has been manufacturing sprayers for over 40 years in the Middle East. During the past 20 years the company has successfully been exporting their sprayers across Europe, with many of them now the preferred choice on farms across Ireland.

Each Agrional sprayer offers many benefits such as a reinforced box section boom, which is fitted with rigid pipes and clamped nozzles, robust regulator and a triple diaphragm pump, which does not require an accumulator to balance the flow rate.

Supplied with a heavy tubular steel frame and reinforced polyethylene tank, this fully galvanised sprayer meets all requirements for the small to medium-sized farmer. Ranging from 300 litres with a six meter boom up to 1,000 litres with a 12 meter boom, these sprayers are highly popular.

According to sales manager Gerard Barrett at Drumlish Farm Machinery: “The Agrional Sprayer is the most popular sprayer stocked at Drumlish Farm Machinery. It’s not the cheapest or most expensive but it does boast one of the best builds.”

Drumlish Farm Machinery also offer the full range of Kuhn’s world leading mowers, tedders and rakes. To compliment this range is cultivation and seeding equipment by Sumo, which includes the highly popular GLS Subsoiler, perfect for getting your land in top condition. Armagh based SlurryKat is also a brand big in demand for Drumlish. SlurryKat has become one of the world’s leading slurry solutions with specialist tankers and a range of leading dribble bars and reelers to name but a few.

Similar to SlurryKat, Drumlish Farm Machinery also operate an agricultural contracting business and a working farm ensuring they provide first hand advice backed up by their onsite service department.

To find out about the latest farming equipment contact Drumlish Farm Machinery on +44(0)28 8289 8891 or www.drumlishfarmmachinery.com