Steers sell to £1,360 for 730kgs at Armoy Mart

Armoy Mart
Armoy Mart

A smaller show of just under 100 head last Monday night met with another fine trade.

Steers sold to £1,360 for 730kgs, heifers sold to £1,220 for 600kgs.

A good show of fat cows sold to a top price of £1,140 for a tremendous 850kgs Aberdeen Angus cow from Mr C McAlister, Cushendall.

STEERS: Dunloy producer, Aberdeen Angus, 735kgs, £1,360. Cushendall producer, Aberdeen Angus, 410kgs, £880, 470kgs, £980, 440kgs, £915. Cushendall producer, Charolais, 380kgs, £855. Bushmills producer, Parthenais, 500kgs, £1,050. Ballymoney producer, Aberdeen Angus, 505kgs, £1,060, 610kgs, £1,220, 600kgs, £1,140. Bushmills producer, Limousin, 430kgs, £805, 470kgs, £905. Armoy producer, Limousin, 500kgs, £980. Bushmills producer, Belgian Blue, 300kgs, £655. Dunloy producer, Aberdeen Angus, 190kgs, £475, 250kgs, £565. Mosside producer, Friesian, 470kgs, £800, 460kgs, £800. Ballycastle producer, Hereford, 400kgs, £780, 420kgs, £780. Bushmills producer, Friesian, 580kgs, £900, 550kgs, £950, 520kgs, £905.


Limavady producer, Aberdeen Angus, 600kgs, £1,220. Bushmills producer, Parthenais, 490kgs, £1,035. Loughguile producer, Limousin, 500kgs, £1,080. Bushmills producer, Limousin, 430kgs, £785. Armoy producer, Charolais, 500kgs, £1,000. Ahoghill producer, Limousin, 360kgs, £730, 420kgs, £830, 360kgs, £695. Armoy producer, Charolais, 605kgs, £1,120. Cushendall producer, Charolais, 380kgs, £855. Limavady producer, Charolais, 550kgs, £1,000, 560kgs, £1,070.


Cushendall producer, Aberdeen Angus, 850kgs, £1,140. Cloughmills producer, Friesian, 800kgs, £1,020. Cushendall producer, Limousin, 700kgs, £900, 610kgs, £770, 705kgs, £945. Bushmills producer, 790kgs, £900, 700kgs, £940, 720kgs, £800. Armoy producer, Charolais, 705kgs, £1,060. Cushendall producer, Limousin, 790kgs, £945. Lurgan producer, 600kgs, £955.

Sale every Monday night at 6.30pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.