Armoy Mart: Top price of £1,330 paid for steers

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Another fine show of just under 400 head were on offer last Monday night and trade was firm for all types of cattle.

Top price paid for steers was £1,330 for a 700kgs Shorthorn and heifer went to a top of £1,280 for 600kg and fat cows sold to £1,080 for 750kgs.


Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, Charolais, 510kgs, £1,160. Eamon Hamilton, Cushendun, Charolais, 470kgs, £1,090. Thomas Madden, Carnlough, Shorthorn, 700kgs, £1,330, 600kgs, £1,160, 640kgs, £1,200, 680kgs, £1,260. William Smyth, Moyarget, Aberdeen Angus, 500kgs, £1,080, 540kgs, £1,145. Loughlan Black, Mosside, Aberdeen Angus, 450kgs, £935. Ryan Doherty, Coleraine, Limousin, 580kgs, £1,140, 570kgs, £1,140. Patrick McSparran, Cushendun, Charolais, 380kgs, £805. S Bartlett, Ballymoney, Belgian Blue, 670kgs, £1,360, 610kgs, £1,260. E Duncan, Ballycastle, Limousin, 420kgs, £925, 460kgs, £965, 560kgs, £1,120. John Todd, Ballycastle, Charolais, 550kgs, £1,195. S J Wilson, Armoy, Limousin, 450kgs, £940. Loughguile farmer, Aberdeen Angus, 620kgs, £1,220, 640kgs, £1,270, 640kgs, £1,390. G McIlroy, Ballycastle, Charolais, 390kgs, £880, 400kgs, £860, 410kgs, £870. W D McIlrath, Ballymena, Charolais, 440kgs, £880. John McConaghy, Ballymoney, Aberdeen Angus, 420kgs, £845, 400kgs, £795. Aidan Hamilton, Ballycastle, Charolais, 430kgs, £835. Adrian Jamison, Ballymoney, Aberdeen Angus, 600kgs, £1,180, 500kgs, £995, 510kgs, £1,005. Wilson Carson, Cloughmills, Charolais, 700kgs, £1,320. Danny McCouaig, Ballyvoy, Limousin, 400kgs, £800, 450kgs, £925. B and R McCollum, Loughguile, Aberdeen Angus, 520kgs, £1,000, 570kgs, £1,100, 520kgs, £1,000. Alex McMullan, Glenariffe, Hereford, 600kgs £1,200, 600kgs, £1,185. Colm O’Hagan, Martinstown, Blonde d’Aquitaine, 610kgs, £1,180. Jeremy Hamilton, Glarryford, GEL, 500kgs, £965, 500kgs, £1,000, 540kgs, £1,000. Paddy Black, Ballycastle, Aberdeen Angus, 500kgs, £1,055, 540kgs, £1,150.


Eugene Duncan, Ballyvoy, Limousin, 490kgs, £1,060, 450kgs, £950, 440kgs, £880. Ryan Doherty, Coleraine, Limousin, 560kgs, £1,100. Paddy McKay, Martinstown, Belgian Blue, 480kgs, £1,140. P McSparran, Cushendun, Charolais, 460kgs, £915, 520kgs, £1,000, 480kgs, £940. John Todd, Ballycastle, Limousin, 540kgs, £1,055, 520kgs, £1,040. Donal McCormick, Armoy, Limousin, 500kgs, £1,020, 440kgs, £880. Chas McCormick, Armoy, Limousin, 500kgs, £1,020. Sean McCambridge, Ballyvoy, Charolais, 470kgs, £970, 420kgs, £850, 410kgs, £850, 410kgs, £870. T Wright, Ballymoney, 4, Aberdeen Angus, 460kgs, £910 each. S McNeill, Ballymoney, Charolais, 600kgs, £1,280.

Sale every Monday night at 6pm.

Auctioneers: Daniel McAlister and Son.