Beef cows sell to £1,788.80 at Clogher Mart

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Another fine trade for an entry of 1,264 Cattle on offer at Clogher Mart on Saturday, October 13th.

In the fatstock ring 431 lots listed sold readily with beef cows selling to £1,788.80 for an 860kg Limousin £208 per 100kg followed by an 820kg Limousin at £1,484.20 (£181 per 100kg).

Cow heifers sold to £1,302 for a 600kg Charolais at £217 per 100kg followed by a 640kg Belgian Blue at £203 per 100kg totalling £1,299.20.

Friesian Cows sold to £120 per 100kg.

Fat bulls to £1,551.50 for a 1,070kg Simmental at £145 per 100kg and selling to a top of £156 per 100kg for a 930kg Limousin (£1,450.80).

Fat steers overage to £192 per 100kg for a 620kg Charolais.

Fat steers underage to £206 per 100kg for 600kg Aberdeen Angus.

Fat heifers underage to £202 for a 520kg Blonde d’Aquitaine.

Leading prices in the fatstock ring for beef cows and cow heifers as follows: Armagh producer 600kg Charolais to £217 (£1,302), Dungannon producer 860kg Limousin to £208 (£1,788.80), Maguiresbridge producer 640kg Belgian Blue to £203 (£1,299.20) Omagh producer 570kg Charolais to £196. Clogher producer 730kg Aberdeen Angus to £195 (£1,423.50) Loughgall producer 690kg Limousin to £195. Augher producer 590kg Simmental to £185. Gortin producer 620kg Charolais to £184. Lisnaskea producer 790kg Limousin to £183 (£1,445.70) Dungannon producer 640kg Limousin to £182. Clogher producer 820kg Limousin to £181 (£1,484.20) Fivemiletown producer 590kg Limousin to £179. Derrynoose producer 670kg Limousin to £177. Clogher producer 570kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £176. Omagh producer 550kg Charolais to £175. Dungannon producer 500kg Charolais to £175. Benburb producer 610kg Limousin to £174. Omagh producer 700kg Limousin to £173. Crumlin producer 600kg Limousin to £172. Magheraveely producer 700kg Simmental to £172.

Other quality lots sold from £135 to £170 per 100kg.

Second quality lots sold from £115 to £132 per 100kg.

Fleshed Friesian cows sold from £114 to £120 per 100kg.

Plainer lots sold from £84 to £112 per 100kg.

Poorer types sold from £50 to £78 per 100kg.


930kg Limousin to £156 (£1,450.80), 1,070kg Simmental to £145 (£1,551.50), 920kg Limousin to £142. 1,110kg Charolais to £138 (£1,531.80), Kesh producer 1,030kg Shorthorn beef to £138 (£1,421.40), 1,160kg Charolais to £135. 1,040kg Simmental to £134. 1,090kg Aberdeen Angus to £133. 1,060kg Simmental to £133. 920kg Stabiliser to £129. Lots of other bulls sold from £105 to £128 per 100kg.


620kg Charolais to £192. 650kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £189. 670kg Simmental to £188. 590kg Limousin to £185. 650kg Limousin to £185. 620kg Aberdeen Angus to £176. 600kg Hereford to £175. 630kg Limousin to £172. 520kg Charolais to £166. 610kg Limousin to £165. 670kg Limousin to £159. 650kg Friesian to £156. 500kg Charolais to £150. 1,000kg Aberdeen Angus to £134.


600kg Aberdeen Angus to £206. 570kg Limousin to £203. 660kg Simmental to £192. 600kg Limousin to £190. 590kg Limousin to £186. 660kg Simmental to £184. 590kg Simmental to £184. 660kg Charolais to £183. 520kg Charolais to £177. 550kg Limousin to £177. 730kg Charolais to £174. 540kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £174. 650kg Simmental to £172. 660kg Simmental to £171. 620kg Simmental to £170.


520kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £202. 590kg Simmental to £192. 560kg Limousin to £190. 460kg Limousin to £178. 620kg Hereford to £165. 510kg Hereford to £162. 530kg Aberdeen Angus to £160. 480kg Holstein to £123.


A large entry sold to a firm demand with forward lots selling to £1,700 for a 860kg Limousin (£197.60), 810kg Charolais to £1,675 (£207), 810kg Charolais to £1,550 (£191), 720kg Limousin to £1,495 (£207), 720kg Limousin to £1,440 (£200) and 740kg Charolais to £1,440 for T Gorman, Ballygawley. G McKenna, Armagh 760kg Limousin to £1,535 (£202), 750kg Limousin to £1,515 (£202) and 710kg Limousin to £1,400. D Greenaway, Portadown 720kg Charolais to £1,455 (£202), 730kg Charolais to £1,455 (£199), 680kg Limousin to £1,395 (£205), 720kg Charolais to £1,390 and 730kg Charolais to £1,370. T McKenna, Omagh 720kg Charolais to £1,455, 700kg Charolais to £1,430 and 710kg Limousin to £1,385. M Campbell, Armagh 690kg Limousin to £1,435. P Macari, Armagh 690kg Simmental to £1,365.


Streamville Farms, Lisburn 480kg Charolais to £1,170 (£243.50), 490kg Charolais to £1095 (£223), B Quinn, Dungannon 490kg Limousin to £1,160 (£237), W J Watt, Moy 500kg Blonde d’Aquitaine To £1,110 (£222), A Sloane, Armagh 490kg Charolais to £1,090. H Robinson, Portadown 500kg Charolais to £1,080, N Irwin, Dungannon 490kg Limousin to £1,070, 500kg Limousin to £1,055 and 500kg Limousin to £1,050. F McStay, Lurgan 490kg Charolais to £1,065 and 470kg Aberdeen Angus to £995. R A Elliott, Dungannon 500kg Limousin to £1,035. B J Murphy, Portadown 480kg Limousin to £1,020 and 470kg Limousin to £1,010. J O’Neill, Coalisland 480kg Belgian Blue to £1,010. M Donnelly, Loughgall 490kg Parthenais to £1,000. B and M Fee, Lisbellaw 490kg Limousin to £1,000. G McAnespie, Emyvale 470kg Limousin to £1,000. H McConnell, Clogher 480kg Limousin to £1,000. S Kelly, Loughgall 480kg Charolais to £995.


A smaller entry sold to a steady demand with strong stores selling to £1,310 for a 630kg Charolais (£208) for S McCaffery, Augher. M/S DD and E McElroy, Clogher 620kg Limousin to £1,250 (£201), 580kg Charolais to £1,250 (£215.50), 600kg Charolais to £1,240 (£206), 560kg Charolais to £1,140 (£203) and 530kg Charolais to £1,110 (£209), E Brodison, Stewartstown 580kg Charolais to £1,150 and 560kg Limousin to £1,060. K Henry, Cookstown 610kg Charolais to £1,140. A Sloane, Armagh 550kg Charolais to £1,130 (£205) and 570kg Limousin to £1,110. H Macauley, Ballyclare 570kg Limousin to £1,115. F Grimley, Milford 530kg Limousin to £1,100 (£207), G Boles, Maguiresbridge 570kg Aberdeen Angus to £1,080 and 540kg Belgian Blue to £1,055. J McCann, Coalisland 570kg Charolais to £1,075. P J McCullagh, Omagh 520kg Limousin to £1,020.


P J McCullagh, Omagh 490kg Limousin to £1,025 (£209), A Sloane, Armagh 500kg Charolais to £1,020 (£204), 470kg Charolais to £950 (£202), S Colton, Dungannon 470kg Charolais to £950 (£202), H Brown, Pomeroy 490kg Charolais to £950, 420kg Limousin to £865, 420kg Simmental to £860 and 460kg Limousin to £850. F Grimley, Milford 500kg Limousin to £950. H Macauley, Ballyclare 470kg Limousin to £935. M Shortt, Clogher 470kg Charolais to £935 and 470kg Charolais to £880. B McSorley, Coa 490kg Charolais to £935. M King, Fintona 480kg Limousin to £930. J McGleenan, Armagh 440kg Charolais to £925 and 450kg Charolais to £885. W Downey, Magheraveely 490kg Limousin to £905. P Cairns, Sion Mills 480kg Limousin to £870.


K Maguire, Clogher 390kg Limousin to £800, 340kg Limousin to £760, 350kg Limousin to £740, 350kg Limousin to £700. F Grimley, Milford 360kg Belgian Blue to £800, 390kg Belgian Blue to £755 and 350kg Charolais to £670. R Johnston, Clogher 390kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £690. K J McCann, Dungannon 380kg Aberdeen Angus to £690, 330kg Aberdeen Angus to £590 and 350kg Aberdeen Angus to £580. S Green, Brookeborough 360kg Charolais to £680 and 360kg Limousin to £670.


A smaller entry sold to a strong demand with steers and bulls selling to £1,100 for a 400kg Limousin (£262) to M McNally, Portadown. B Cassidy, Rosslea 330kg Charolais to £1,055 (£319), 420kg Charolais to £950, 380kg Charolais to £905. E Cassidy, Rosslea 410kg Charolais to £1,020 (£243), 330kg Charolais to £925 (£280), J McKernan, Omagh 460kg Limousin to £1,000. B McKernan, Omagh 370kg Charolais to £955 (£258) and 350kg Charolais to £920 (£263), C Downey, Lisnaskea 420kg Charolais to £930. Killaloo producer 410kg Limousin to £910. M L Nugent, Augher 400kg Saler to £895. E Kelly, Augher 350kg Limousin to £895 (£256) and 330kg Limousin to £860 (£261), J J Cassidy, Rosslea 390kg Charolais to £885. J Jackson, Fivemiletown 330kg Charolais to £880 (£267), 390kg Charolais to £880 and 360kg Charolais to £880.


M G McAleer, Omagh 440kg Charolais to £950 (£216), P McConnell, Clogher 440kg Charolais to £925 and 380kg Charolais to £865 (£237), S McAleer, Omagh 420kg Charolais to £900. D L Morrison, Lisnaskea 460kg Charolais to £870 and 370kg Charolais to £740. E Kelly Augher, 360kg Charolais to £860 (£239) and 340kg Limousin to £800 (£235), G McCutcheon, Drumquin 360kg Charolais to £770. L McIvor, Fermanagh 320kg Simmental to £750 (£234), C Finlay, Aughnacloy 310kg Charolais to £745 (£240), J J McDonnell, Lisnaskea 330kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £740 and 320kg Blonde d’Aquitaine to £730. C McBarron, Macken 320kg Limousin to £740. M G McAleer, Omagh 360kg Charolais to £735. P McConnell, Clogher 390kg Charolais to £720. M O’Hanlon, Ballygawley 330kg Charolais to £715, J McGinn, Clogher 370kg Aubrac to £700. J McCann, Dungannon 260kg Charolais to £670 (£258).


A good steady demand in this section with Roy Givan, Dungannon selling calved heifers to £1,650 and £1,600. Noel Jackson, Dromore Omagh £1,640 for calved heifer. Jim Mohan, Lisnaskea £1,515 for calved heifer. William Loughrin, Caledon £1,425 for calved heifer. M/S S D and H Love, Castlederg £1,060 for calved heifer.


B Lagan, Pomeroy £1,490 for young pedigree registered Limousin bull (born 10/04/ 2017) with two other younger ones born 07/2014 selling to £1,010 and £985. T F Smyth, Armagh sold a Belgian Blue born 25/04/2012 to make £1,025.


Quality lots in short supply in this section however F McElroy, Augher sold a heifer with a bull calf to make £1,880. Harold Erskine, Ballygawley sold a 2013 cow with a bull calf to reach £1,540 and a 2013 cow with heifer calf to £1,305. O Murray, Fintona sold a second calver with bull calf to £1,365. A McKenzie, Dungannon sold a second calver with bull calf to £1,285. A Green, Cooneen, Fivemiletown £1,220 for 2010 cow with bull calf. C Mullan, Nutts Corner £1,140 for 2011 cow with bull calf and £1,140 for 2011 cow with heifer calf. Patrick McCanny, Omagh £1,105 for heifer with bull calf. Others sold from £810. Incalf cows sold to £985.


Another good turnout this week again sold readily with Bull Calves (under 2 months) selling to £415 for Belgian Blue and £385 for Charolais for D Farrell Fivemiletown. G Askin Ballygawley £375 for Charolais J O Connor Limavady £340 for Limousin W Condy Annahoe £325 for Aberdeen Angus A Irwin Fivemiletown £318 for Aberdeen Angus E and A Thompson Tempo £310 for Her. M Breen Tempo £305 for Aberdeen Angus L G Collins Lisnaskea £305 for Her. P A and J Grue Lisnaskea £300 for Limousin D and T Cush Dungannon £300 for FKV. M Edwards Caledon £285 for Aberdeen Angus


D Farrell, Fivemiletown £455 for Charolais, Augher producer £420 for Belted Galloway and £300 for Limousin, B McCullagh, Greencastle £365 for Limousin. R D Dane, Lisbellaw £325 for Limousin, K Little, Lisnaskea £310 for Charolais M Edwards, Caledon £305 for Limousin, E and A Thompson, Tempo £290 for Belgian Blue.


B Lynch, Lisnaskea £700 for Limousin, Augher producer £600, £560 and £535 for Limousins £580 for Charolais and £500 for Shorthorn. J McElroy, Pomeroy £580 for Blonde d’Aquitaine. O Murray, Fintona £550 for Limousin and £500 for Aberdeen Angus, P J Corrigan, Dungannon £545 for Limousin, M McNally, Portadown £540 for Limousin, D Farrell, Fivemiletown £530 for Charolais and £500 for Aberdeen Angus, J McGrath, Omagh £510 for Shorthorn. R J Hoy, Monea £500 for Charolais and £475 for Limousin, M/S V and R Hall, Fivemiletown £500 for Aberdeen Angus, T Simpson, Ederney £470 for Charolais.


D Farrell, Fivemiletown £550 for Charolais, Mountview Cattle, Dungannon £550 twice for Limousins. E Nugent, Dungannon £545 and £490 for Limousins. R W Ruddy, Dungannon £530 for Limousin, P J Corrigan, Dungannon £500 for Aberdeen Angus, H G Quinn, Dungannon ££450 for Limousin, T Smyth, Dromore £450 for Charolais, R J Hoy, Monea £435, £410 and £375 for Limousins. Augher producer £435 for Aberdeen Angus, S Smyth, Rosslea £405 for Charolais, M McNally, Portadown £380 for Blonde d’Aquitaine.