Bullocks sell to £1360 at Hilltown Mart

Tuesday, October 8, saw the last suckler sale at Hilltown Mart this year.

Monday, 14th October 2019, 11:57 am
Hilltown Mart
Hilltown Mart

Heifers to £970 for 466kg (208ppk) and Bullocks to £860 for 404kg (212ppk).

Bullocks: Rostrevor farmers, £970 for 466kg (208ppk), £895 for 414kg (216ppk), £870 for 498kg (174ppk), £810 for £356kg (227ppk), £800 for 66kg (218ppk), £755 for 330kg (228ppk). Banbridge farmer, £900 for 538kg (167ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £850 for 454kg (187ppk), £815 for 436kg (186ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £790 for 374kg (211ppk). Ballynahinch farmer, £765 for 384kg (199ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £750 for 320kg (234ppk).

Heifers: Kilkeel farmers, £860 for 404kg (212ppk), £750 for 294kg (255ppk), £725 for 338kg (214ppk), £700 for 306kg (228ppk), £695 for 308kg (225ppk). Rostrevor farmer, £730 for 332kg (219ppk). Hilltown farmer, £710 for 298kg (238ppk).

Ewe lambs to £112 Thursday at Hilltown Mart.

Fat lambs: Rostrevor farmers, £80 for 28kg (285ppk), £73 for 24.5kg (296ppk), £67 for 21kg (319ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £78 for 24kg (315ppk). Hilltown farmer, £75 for 18kg (416ppk), £72 for 25kg (283ppk), £69 for 23kg(300ppk), £68 for 22kg (306ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £74.50 for 23kg (323ppk), £71 for 23kg (308ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £72.50 for 24kg (299ppk), £70 for 24kg (291ppk). Kilcoo farmer, £67.50 for 20.5kg (330ppk).

Store lambs: Drumgath farmer, £61.50 for 18kg (347ppk). Castlewellan farmers, £60.50 for 15.5kg (385ppk), £57 for 16kg (351ppk), £56 for 16kg (337ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £59.50 for 18kg (323ppk). Dromore farmer, £59 for 18kg (327ppk), £57.50 for 17kg (323ppk). Cabra farmer, £55 for 15kg (366ppk).

Fat ewes: Kilkeel farmer, £89, £88, £82. Kilcoo farmer, £75. Castlewellan farmer, £69. Hilltown farmer, £67.

Breeding ewe lambs: Hilltown farmer, £112, £104, £95.

Breeding rams: Warrenpoint farmer, £300. Kilcoo farmer, £260. Rathfriland farmer, £250.

Store heifers sold to £1280 on Saturday at Hilltown Mart.

Fat cows sold to £1135, heifers sold to £1280 and bullocks to sold £1360.

Fat cows: Rostrevor farmers, £1135 for 646kg (175ppk), £950 for 634kg (149ppk). Kilcoo famer, £1080 for 682kg (158ppk). Ballyholland farmer, £1010 for 712kg (141ppk). Castlewellan farmer, £990 for 718kg (137ppk). Annaclone farmer, £995 for 594kg (160ppk). Cabra farmer, £910 for 552kg (164ppk). Katesbridge farmer, £760 for 740kg (102ppk).

Weanling heifers: Markethill farmer, £915 for 50kg (179ppk). Rathfriland farmer, £875 for 458kg (191ppk), £875 for 442kg (198ppk), £750 for 366kg (204ppk), £745for 364kg (204ppk), £730 for 372kg (196ppk). Hilltown farmer, £795 for 394kg (201ppk), £755 for 392kg (201ppk).

Heifers: Hilltown farmers, £1280 for 682kg (187ppk), £1230 for 654kg (188ppk), £1200 for 684kg (175ppk), £1040 for 586kg (177ppk), £1030 for 600kg (162ppk), £1005 for 574kg (175ppk), £1000 for 540kg (185ppk), £980 for 570kg (171ppk), £975 for 560kg (174ppk). Gilford farmers, £1250 for 688kg (181ppk), £1035 for 600kg (172ppk). Kilkeel farmer, £1095 for 596kg (183ppk), £990 for 588kg (168ppk). Ballymartin farmer, £1075 for 582kg (184ppk). Mayobridge farmer, £1070 for 556kg (192ppk).

Bullocks: Rathfriland farmer, £1360 for 786kg (173ppk), £1330 for 864kg (153ppk), £1250 for 724kg (172ppk). Hilltown farmers, £1350 for 814kg (165ppk), £1240 for 642kg (193ppk), £1210 for 624kg (193ppk), £1205 for 596kg (202ppk), £1200 for 600kg (200ppk), £1190 for 658kg (180ppk), £1180for 716kg (164ppk), £1170 for 656kg (177ppk), £1150 for 686kg (167ppk), £1130 for 65kg (173ppk), £1125 for 568kg (198ppk), £1110 for 592kg (187ppk), £1105 for 574kg (192ppk).