Bullocks sell to £1,085 for 550kg at Lisahally Mart

Lisahally Mart
Lisahally Mart

A smaller show of cattle this week due to poor weather conditions but great demand in all sections.

Prices as follows:

BULLOCKS: James Proctor £1,085/550kg, R Matthews £1,080/580kg, William Buchanan £1,025/550kg, £1,005/510kg, £985/520kg, £975/510kg, £970/530kg, £965/500kg, £950/540kg, £900/480kg, James McCollum £1,010/580kg, £805/420kg, R Matthews £975/630kg, £820/560kg, £800/600kg, S Mullan £835/370kg, £740/350kg, James Proctor £755/440kg,£725/400kg, £720/370kg, D Clarke £730/360kg, James McCollum £710/450kg and C Hall £700/430kg, £650/390kg, £640/360kg, £620/360kg.

HEIFERS: James McCollum £870/500kg, £790/450kg, James Proctor £785/670kg, £30/350kg, £670/350kg, £645/410kg, S Mullan £745/390kg, £740/440kg, £695/390kg, £600/360kg, £590/300kg, P Hall £680/370g, £620/320kg, £600/300kg, £580/300kg, £570/300kg, £560/300kg, John Proctor £560/320kg and William Kerlin £555/280kg, £550/260kg.

FAT COWS: John and S Middleton £1,674.40/910kg, £1,513/890kg and Margaret Armstrong £752.60/710kg.