Bullocks sell to £1,285 for 670kg at Lisahally Mart

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Although a smaller show this week due to poor weather conditions cattle sold to a strong trade.

Prices as follows


Kelly Farms £1,285/670kg, £1,265/660kg, £1,235/650kg, £1,235/680kg, £1,170/640kg, M and J McKinley £1,050/660kg, £955/600kg, £945/600kg, £910/570kg, L McMurray £1,015kg/520kg, W Wiley £900/440kg, £820/400kg, £800/320kg, D Kelly £900/390kg,£890/370kg, £880/360kg, Blakistown Houston £725/330kg, £720/350kg, Raymond Matthew £790/510kg, £745/580kg, £740/440kg, £720/490kg, James Neely £705/380kg, £620/350kg and Blakiston Houston £700/340kg, £665/300kg.


L McMurray £1,000/540kg, £1,000/600kg, £925/580kg, £810/520kg, D Kelly £850/340kg, £840/320kg, £810/320kg, E Wylie £825/340kg, £760/320kg, £750/350kg, £745/320kg, David Hawthorn £750/380kg, £700/320kg, L McMurray £740/470kg and David Hawthorn £560/270kg, £430/200kg.